Create a video using Kaltura based on the prompt and address each of the bullet points provided below the prompt. You will find directions on how to use Kaltura in the resources section. The directions will show you how to record, name and submit.
PowerPoint or Prezi Alternative Assignment
If you do not have video capability or if you are not comfortable learning how to create a brief video, you can create your own PowerPoint presentation.

You should use the same prompt below
Presentation Length: 12-15 content slides not including title slide, transition slides, or references.
Presentation should include speaker notes of 150-200 words for each slide.
PowerPoint Presentation-If you choose to use audio for PowerPoint presentation you would NOT be required to complete the speaker notes but you would be required to provide a word-for-word transcript of the audio
Prezi Presentation-If you choose to use a Prezi presentation, you have a choice of including audio in which case you would be required to provide a word-for-word transcript of the audio. However, since Prezi has no option for speaker notes then you are required to provide a Word doc. file complete with 150-200 word notes for each Prezi slide.
Your PPT or Prezi should include images and animations.

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You are an administrator or teacher in an early childcare program that serves infant, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. You believe that you are on the cutting edge of early childhood care and education when it comes to integrating context, culture, and technology into your practices; and you would like to document a specific hands-on activity that you use to engage your children/students. You have worked hard to create a model activity that incorporates important components of the NAEYC accreditation standards and NAEYC Technology position statement.
Your video should include all of the following information about your activity:

Introduce yourself and describe your role (e.g., administrator, teacher, etc.—be specific). This is important to connect to the audience and situate the audience on the type of activity that might be appropriate for your role.
Provide a brief professional biography (e.g., years of experience, years at the program, area of interest or specialization).
Explicitly state the level of the children you work with (e.g., infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten). This is important to determine the effectiveness of your activity in relation to what is developmentally appropriate for the age group you are designing the activity for.
Explicitly state who your audience is (i.e., who are you speaking to in the video; for example, teacher colleagues, administrators, parents, policy-makers, or other). This is important because your knowledge of your audience will drive the message you deliver and will determine the types of things you say and the nature of the points that you want to make. Also, the audience direction will determine the supporting literature that you use to justify your actions in terms of practice.
State the name of the activity.
Introduce the topic of your activity (e.g., language, outdoor play, iPads, website). This is a good place to make a connection to DAP or context, culture, or technical literature.
State the purpose/objective of your activity; this is also a good place to make a connection to DAP, context, culture, technical literature.
Describe your activity (you need to create this activity to be DAP and include some combination of context, culture, and/or technology. How you make the connections and how many components you integrate and synthesize is up to you but it does have to be multidimensional (i.e., it cannot be linear and only address one of the topics).
Elaborate on the details of your activity that you believe put you on the cutting edge of the NAEYC accreditation and positions. What is it about your activity that makes it engaging for your age group using best practices? Why do the children love it, and why is it good for them?
Make a statement about what you think some of the outcomes would be if you actually conducted your activity. What would you expect the children’s responses would be? This is what you will discuss, stating that “The children’s reactions to the activity is . . .”
Close with a clear statement about the takeaway message that you hope the audience can discern from your brief video.
References should be in APA format and uploaded as a separate file.

Your video should be:

Created by you
A minimum of 4 minutes in length
Original, creative, innovative
Grounded in the NAEYC accreditation standards and the NAEYC position statements for the week
Submitted to the Dropbox as a file from your computer
Accessible to the professor
References should be in APA format and uploaded as a separate file for video

Length: Minimum 4-minute video.


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