6230 week 4 project

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IT Delivery and Support (and associated textbook chapters)
Management Practices
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6230 week 4 project
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Evaluation of IT Internal Controls
In this phase of your project, relying on the concepts and techniques you covered in the online lectures and in your textbook and based on the IT audit plan you have developed so far, you will now tackle the evaluation of internal process controls for your case study. For this next deliverable of your IT audit, you will focus on the area of IT delivery and support. This week, as part of the final project, you will perform the following tasks:

Conduct an evaluation of internal controls for service management.
Conduct an evaluation of internal controls for systems management.
Conduct an evaluation of internal controls for operations management.
Refine your balanced scorecard as needed, possibly expanding the IT-related goals and the performance metrics.

Submission Details:

Create your report for this part of the project in approximately 5–7 pages in a Microsoft Word document and save it as 



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