Analysis of world music

Your term assignment consists of a written analysis of a world music example. You may select a music example based on a world culture not covered in class, or you may select a music example from one of the cultures covered in class, but you cannot write an analysis on any of the genres, musicians, or music examples already covered in any of the lessons or the discussion boards.  (If you write on any of the genres, musicians, or music examples already covered in any of the lessons or the discussion boards, you will receive a failing grade for the assignment.  You are also not permitted to analyze a Western classical or popular music example.) 
Your written analysis should consist of approximately 800-1000 words and address the three aspects of Merriam’s Model as they pertain to your musical example.  (Please include a link to the music video in your analysis as well as a list of sources for your work.)  
The following options are available for the topic of the analysis.
1) Thai Piphat – a classical tradition
2) Thai Luk Thung – popular folk music
3) Thai Mor Lam – folk song style
4) Vietnamese Hat Boi or Hat Tuong – musical theater
5) Vietnamese Quan Ho – folk song
6) Vietnamese Hat Van – religious music
7) Malaysian Kompang – a drumming ensemble
8) Malaysian Bamboo Dance –  a really fun and interesting traditional dance
9) Malaysian Sumazau Dance – another Malaysian dance, imitating the movements of birds
10) Philippines Tinikling – a Filipino version of the bamboo dance
11) Philippines kulintang – traditional gong music
12) Sizhu (silk & bamboo music) – south China
13) Chinese opera
14) Persian/Iranian dastgah (modal system)
15) Andean/Peruvian music (e.g., panpipes “El Condor Pasa”)
16) Georgian Polyphonic singing
17) Albanian folk music (iso-polyphony)
18) Neapolitan music (e.g., Tarantella) – Italy
19) Polka (Czech/Polish/Bohemian)
20) Alpenmusik (including Alpenhorns and yodeling (Austria/Switzerland)
21) Argentina – Tango
22) Mexican Conjunto Music

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