Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Personal Statement PlanningMain theme: InclusivityIntro: times of Covid…greater divide/rifts in socioeconomic groups could use more inclusivity in the worldInspired by ________; passionate about brands that empower (women/young people) to be confident and make a difference in the worldAmbitions: Start own fashion / cosmetics brand; own an image that empowers (whatever group) of people to be more comfortable / less isolatedWhy study in UK?Intrigued by long history of Art; can learn many lessons from past designs and observe how design has changed over time to help mould/facilitate/predict the current/next design;Art is what people make it to be/speaks differently to each person; history can identify what the next generation is looking for; understand audience = reach more people- what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd.Make it relevant. Talk about examples and experiences that match your course criteria.What about extra-curricular activities? Do you do any volunteering or have any hobbies?Structure as well as substance. Structure it carefully to create a clear narrative.

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Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)
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