Students are required to submit a 750-word (minimum) assignment. The student will present a situation requiring an ethical choice, consider the possible choices available and their consequences, take a position on the situation, and justify that choice. The student must incorporate significant references to at least one thinker discussed in the course so far as part of their evaluation of the situation requiring an ethical choice. The assignment must include the following:

Summary of Situation Requiring a Choice: The student must summarize the situation
which calls for an ethical choice, including all relevant details.

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Presentation of Available Choices: The student must present the possible choices
available and the consequences of those choices. 

Decision and Justification: The student must make a choice in the situation and justify
that choice with well-reasoned arguments.

Philosophical Engagement: These references can be used in any part of the
assignment and should demonstrate thoughtful engagement with the philosopher and ideas
Students need to do is introduce an ethical issue, such as euthanasia or abortion. Then present arguments for it and against it, along with some of the reasoning behind these arguments. After this, students will introduce their chosen ethical theory, explain this theory, and then use it to support their argument. For example, why is abortion right (Or on the other hand, why is abortion wrong, depending upon which side you would be arguing)? 
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