Behavioral Health Prevention Program

This assignment comprises two components, a behavioral health prevention program design and a behavioral health prevention summary report, addressing the behavioral and psychological factors promoting healthy living and disease prevention.Part 1: Behavioral Health Prevention ProgramDesign a behavioral health prevention program that outlines the program and addresses the following:1. Program mission and vision, including theoretical knowledge of working with individuals and families in the community.2. Stakeholders involved in the program: patients; paraprofessionals; therapists; educational institutions; public health, government, and community agencies; the local community; etc.3. Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.4. Behavioral and psychological barriers that impede behavior modification and disease prevention: role of behavior and prevention in maintaining health.5. Recommendations for behavior modification and disease prevention: factors promoting healthy living and factors promoting disease prevention.Use a scholarly database for verifiable resources and include scholarly resources for evidentiary support. APA formattingPart 2: Behavioral Health Prevention Summary ReportWrite a summary report about the information gleaned from the behavioral health prevention program design process. Include information on the program’s mission and vision, the stakeholders, behavior and psychological barriers, and recommendations for behavior modifications.Use two scholarly resources to support your explanations. For example, if you chose a specific program design or intervention does the literature support this as being an effective program? Was it successful and how do you know it was successful? Have other prevention programs found measurable outcomes that you plan to replicate? How does your program build on a successful program to target the community you’re serving?

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Behavioral Health Prevention Program
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