Why is the knowledge of basic Excel skills crucial for success in the workplace or businesses within your field of study? How could this knowledge be applied in your chosen or future career field? Provide two examples. In replies to peers, consider the commonalities and differences you see in how this knowledge is applied across career fields, and explain how lack of working knowledge in Excel could negatively impact the business.
Discuss software solutions most commonly used within your current workplace or within your field of study. Describe how working knowledge of these applications can create a competitive advantage for you as an employee or potential employees. Explain how the use of these software solutions can help you execute your job more efficiently and effectively. In replies to peers, consider the following, discuss whether their chosen software solutions could be useful in your current workplace or within your field of study and provide relevant example.
 Gaskin, S., Vargas, A., Goeghan, D., & Graviett, N. (2017). GO! All in one: Computer concepts and applications (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Pearson. ISBN-13: 9780134505749

In your own words, can you explain the difference between system and application software? How does your business or organizations within your field of study use both system and application software? Are there constraints between using one type of system software with different application products? In replies to peers, explain whether you agree with the differences and constraints your peers discussed?
Other than Microsoft Office and Quicken, what are two common software products that are used in your workplace or organizations within your field of study? Can you provide an explanation and practical examples of how the software is used? In replies to peers, consider one of the following: 
1. Your experience with the identified software
2. Advantages and disadvantages
3. Available alternate software that could be considered?
What is the importance of system security within the organization where you currently work or at an organization within your field of study? What are the legal and ethical implications the organization could face for failing to protect systems and information? Identify and explain three strategies the organization could implement to protect its systems and information against threats. In replies to peers, consider whether the three identified strategies are the best defense against threats. Justify your response.
What is your perception of the current threats presented by social media or Internet sites that you frequent? How can you protect your personal information to minimize these threats? In replies to peers, provide additional ways to protect personal information on social channels and the Internet through providing examples found in your own research or by citing the topic Resources.
How does utilizing the Internet and the cloud help a business achieve organizational and operational goals or competitive advantage? Use two specific examples to support your ideas. In replies to peers, provide additional examples of how the Internet and cloud computing can be employed.
Identify and explain two ways you use the cloud as a consumer. Identify potential risks associated with using the cloud in such ways. What are the pros and cons consumers must consider when using the cloud to store and share information? Choose a peer that has used the cloud in a manner different from your post and comment on your experiences with using the cloud in this way, including advantages and disadvantages of this type of use.
If you had the technical capability, what type of app would you create for the business where you currently work or your selected field of study that is completely new or significantly different from an existing app? Explain how your app would change the way the business operates or gains competitive advantage and why you think others might adopt and pay for the app. In replies to peers, provide feedback about the app proposal and the additional competitive advantages it could potentially produce if adopted.
The evolution of smart phones has opened up a new venue for organizations and businesses to communicate and conduct commerce. Research and discuss an emerging mobile technology trend that can further enhance the way organizations in your line of work or field of study use mobile technology. Include a link to your research with your post. In replies to peers, explain how the mobile technologies recommended by peers could be applied to your business or field of study.
Search two blogging and two microblogging social media channels that businesses can use to gain competitive advantage and explain how has each changed the way information is communicated and used to influence social perception? In replies to peers, identify whether your organization or businesses within your field of study are using the social media channels identified. Are these channels effective in communicating with consumers and creating competitive advantage? Provide specific examples to illustrate your ideas.
How do companies use social media channel “influencers” to promote their product? Discuss any legal or ethical issues associated with this type of promotion? Provide a link to a specific example that illustrates your idea. In replies to peers, elaborate on the legal and ethical issues presented by peers by researching and discussing actual cases that illustrate the ideas presented. Include links to relevant articles in your reply.
Consider some of the new and emerging technologies you have used recently or learned in the topic and identify which of the technologies you like. Which do you not like? Provide some specific examples of how you used any of these technologies and justify your like or dislike of the technology. In replies to peers, state whether you agree or disagree with the assessment provided? Share your own experience with the use of that technology.
Using the Tech Trends Report for the current year (available at, topic Resources, and your own experience, consider current technology that you use as a part of your job or that is used within your field of study. Articulate ways it could be changed, upgraded, or improved by emerging technologies, such as those presented in the topic Resources, to help you do your job/future job more efficiently or effectively. Provide specific examples to support your ideas. In replies to peers, provide additional examples of similar emerging technologies and their workplace application.

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