Businesa data analytics

Identify and describe a real-world business situation that could be addressed by collecting and analyzing a set of data.  Use real data to perform a data analysis leading to an actionable recommendation/solution.  You are encouraged to select an issue in business law or public area. 
– 1. Summarize one question or decision relevant to the real-world business situation that you will answer by collecting and analyzing a set of data.
– 2. Explain why the situation or question would benefit from a data analysis.
– 3. Describe the relevant data you collected (include a link to its location in the references page).
– 4. Create an appropriate graphical display (e.g., bar chart, scatter plot, line chart, or histogram) of the data you collected.
– 5. Describe the data analysis technique that you used to analyze the data.
– 6. Include the output and any calculations of the analysis you performed.
– 7. Justify why you chose this analysis technique.
– 8. Discuss the results of your data analysis.
– 9. Discuss the limitation(s) of your data analysis.
– 10. Recommend a course of action based on your results.
Thank you!

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Businesa data analytics
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