Capítulo 3 (pp. 88-89; 100-101) presents verbs with irregular yo forms, and leisure-time activities and sports.
Paso 1

Go to (pp. 88-89; 100-101) to review the verbs with irregular yo forms, and leisure-time activities and sports. Then, do Paso 2.

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Paso 2

Next, write a mini composition(at least 10 complete sentences, in SPANISH). Write a letter to an imaginary friend that lives in a Spanish speaking country. Pick at least FIVE leisure-time activities and sports, FIVE verbs with irregular yo forms (like conocer, poner, hacer, etc.), and FIVE other verbs of your choice to write a composition letter to an imaginary friend. Do not use the verb GUSTAR at all. Use vocabulary words, expressions, and verbs you have learned up to this chapter to move your story forward. In addition, I am attaching a list of words you can use as transitional words like next, following, then, later, etc.Actions



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