Encuentro Cultural
Capítulo 6 (pp. 182-183) presents us with the country of Venezuela. The chapter explores facets of the country’s culture such as history, places, fine arts, food and music.
In this section we’re going to focus on the typical food of Venezuela, and its brief history. The culture of Venezuela is a mixture of three different cultures, the indigenous, the African and the Spanish.
Paso 1

Watch the two videos bellow to prepare for this discussion about the typical food of Venezuela, its culture, language, and history (Read Paso 2 before you watch the videos). Then, do Paso 2.

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Paso 2
Answers in English. Therefore, the answers must include explanations in detail. Answers in Spanish are also welcome!

(1) After watching the first video (15 Things You Didn’t Know About Venezuela), write a summary in English of at least three paragraphs in English about what you learned, and your personal opinion of your findings of Venezuela.
(2) Next, watch the second brief video about food and write a paragraph summarizing what you learned.
(3) Finally, in two or more paragraphs, talk about your cultural background, and specifically about the ethnic food you eat (and/or inherited), cultural, national, ancestral, traditional).

For instance (include pictures), my ethnical background is Mexican. I was born and raised in three different cities: Mazatlán, Sinaloa; Tijuana, Baja California, Morelia, Michoacán. Our gastronomy is so extensive. However, the typical food that I love are enchiladas, mole, birria, tacos, and chiles rellenos just to name a few. Enchiladas are fried tortillas dipped into a red salsa with cheese or any meat of your preference, showered with a tomato sauce, dressed with lettuce, onions, more cheese, and sour cream. Mole is a sauce made with at least three types of dry chiles, along with thirty other ingredients such as nuts, spices, sesame seeds, et al. This sauce is served typically with chicken. Birria is typically made with goat or beef. The meat is marinated with ancho chiles, guajillo chiles, morita chile, and chipotle chiles among other spices. The meat is cooked for at least three hours. Additionally, I love all kind of tacos in general, soft, fried, hard shell, you name it! Chiles rellenos is another typical dish I really enjoy. The chiles are stuffed with cheese or any kind of meat. They are covered with fluffy eggs, and fried in oil. They are typically simmered in a tomato sauce, and served with red fried rice Mexican style, and fried beens on the side.

Remember that for every post you are required to comment on two discussions from your classmates’ posts.
If no one has posted anything by the time you post your assignment, comeback at a later time to fulfill this requirement.  
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Venezuela https://youtu.be/9rV2a3ery_w
The Best of Venezuelan Food | TOP10 Venezuelan Foods https://youtu.be/V3VojwSJn6k
8 points (Three paragraphs in English about what you learned, and your reaction about the cuisine of Venezuela)
7 points (your paragraph about your cultural background, and specifically about the ethnic food you eat: inherited; cultural, national, traditional.
5 points (your 2 additional comments on your classmates posts)
20 point total


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