CA ECE competencies

 Summarizing each competency (12) and provide an example of how this was achieved from the videos shown in class and evidence of the competencies at your practicum sites. 2-3 pg. 
The link below shows videos of the 12 CA ECE competency 
The 12 CA ECE competencies are: (1) Child Development and Learning; (2) Culture, Diversity and Equity; (3) Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance; (4) Family and Community Engagement; (5) Dual-Language Development; (6) Observation, Screening, Assessment, and Documentation; (7) Special Needs and Inclusion; (8) Learning Environments and Curriculum; (9) Health, Safety, and Nutrition; (10) Leadership in Early Childhood Education; (11) Professionalism; and (12) Administration and Supervision.

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CA ECE competencies
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