IF there are any questions please let me know 9.1 Conclusion[200 to 250 words]• Provide a summary for your MSN Capstone Project.• Select and provide the rationale for three (3) competencies or specialty standards that you would expect to use in implementing this project [List of your specialty competencies are listed in the Week 9 Reflection Post]Question -In adolescents (Population ), how effective is mental health screening practices at wellness and acute visits (Intervention) compared to screening only at well clinic visits (Comparison ) in identifying mental health issues (Outcome )during wellness and acute visits in six months (Time)? NONPF Competencies for MSN FNP & AGPCNP: —-choose 3 must provide the rationale • Competency 1 – Scientific Foundations Competencies • Competency 2 – Leadership Competencies • Competency 3 – Quality Competencies • Competency 4 – Practice Inquiry Competencies • Competency 5 – Technology and Information Literacy Competencies • Competency 6 – Policy Competencies • Competency 7 – Health Delivery Systems Competencies • Competency 8 – Ethics Competencies • Competency 9 – Independent Practice Competencies

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