Chapter 2 of Dissertation

Chapter 2 writing instructions, please also see the attached qualitative dissertation template for detailed instructions.In this chapter, the learner presents what needs to be studied within the boundariesof the problem space, presents the theoretical framework for the study, develops thetopic, and specifies the problem statement. In order to perform significant dissertationresearch, the learner must first understand the literature related to the research focus. Awell-articulated, thorough literature review provides the foundation for a substantial,contributory dissertation. The purpose of Chapter 2 is for the learner to develop a welldocumentedargument for what needs to be researched, the selection of the research topic,and formulation of the problem statement. A literature review should be a synthesis ofwhat has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. It is not anexpanded annotated bibliography, or a summary of research articles related to the topic.It is intended to reflect a deep understanding and synthesis of scholarly sources andempirical literature articles which define what needs to be understood and studied.The learner uses the literature review to place the research focus into context byanalyzing and discussing the existing body of knowledge and effectively telling theCommented [PSC55]: Use INSERTPage Break to set newpage for new chapter.Do not use hard returns to get there.Do not insert a section break.Commented [GCU56]: This chapter should include anexhaustive review of the literature. The Review of the Literaturesection should be a, minimum of 30 pages, but likely much longer asyou need to continue to add and synthesize the most recentpublications related to your research topic.18QUALITATIVE GCU Dissertation Template V9.1 12.01.21© College of Doctoral Studies, Grand Canyon University 2005-2021reader everything that is known, or everything that has been discovered in research aboutthat focus, and what still needs to be understood in terms of the problems addressed,approaches used, and results produced. As a piece of writing, the literature review mustconvey to the reader what knowledge and ideas have been established on a topic andbuild an argument in support of the research problem. Learners are advised to utilize agood source to identify predatory journals. One such source is Cabell’s Directory ofPublishing Opportunities.In this section, the learner describes the overall topic to be investigated, andoutlines the approach taken for the literature review and the evolution of the problembased on the “problem space” as identified in the literature from its origination to itscurrent form, that is, by the trends in the literature. The learner must make sure that thisIntroduction to the Chapter and Background to the Problem section addresses all requiredcriteria listed in the rubric table below. Learners may want to create a subsection title forthe Introduction section and for the Background to the Problem section to provide clarityto the reader.Please include 2 charts one that highlights the low percentage of Black women in leadership roles in corporate America in comparison to their counterparts of other races. Also ensure at least half of the cited sources used in this paper are from 2019 to current. Please call me if you have additional questions.

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Chapter 2 of Dissertation
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