concepts of healthcare informatics

Cybersecurity Part I
As a nurse or healthcare professional, it is important to realize that cybersecurity is a real phenomenon in healthcare. The Internet of Things has grown over the years allowing many medical devices and consumer wearables to inter connect with hospital EHR. However, the current state of security in many medical devices allow hackers easy access to steal massive amounts of sensitive data from healthcare provider’s systems. If needed, review the week two Discussion video which includes security concerns (Todd Coleman on health tech tattoos). It is vital that health care stay ahead of the security curve at the cusp of an explosion of personal, wearable technology.
Evaluate the need of securing the IoT in Healthcare.
Include the following aspects in the assignment:
Ø  Use the security assessment template created as part of DQ 1
Ø  Create recommendations on how to address each of the risks identified on the template
Ø  Place these risks at an Enterprise level (use prior lecture on Enterprise resources provided in the text, weekly readings, and article above)
Ø  Assess the risk from an individual, process, and technology standpoint.
Ø  Each bullet much be thoroughly explored

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concepts of healthcare informatics
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