COVID-19 Project for the Community

COVID-19 Project for the Community  (5 hrs):Write a paper (3 pages; double-spaced) on COVID-19. Citations/references are required. Submit the paper via the Assignment Link.    The topics you must cover in your paper include:Epidemiology of COVID-19 (no more than 50 words).Assessment (200-250 words)- current situation (globally, nationally, and locally), vaccination rate, issues related to vaccination.Interventions (250-300 words)- what public health interventions would you use to reduce the spread of the virus? See the “PHN Interventions” sheet attached first. Then, specifically choose 3 interventions and provide examples of each intervention. For example, if you choose “screening”, you will then describe what kind of screening you would do and in what target population. If you choose “Collaboration”, you will then describe which collaborators you would work with and which tasks you plan to work with them.  Come up with creative ideas to help increase the vaccination rate. Evaluation (100-150 words)- what evaluation methods would you (PHN) use to evaluate that the specified interventions are effective?Reading resources-WHO- Dept. of PH- LA County Public Health-

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COVID-19 Project for the Community
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