Chapter 3: SPOILERs ahead, so read the chapter before reading this question! For this week’s discussion, I want you to focus on the alien I asked you to draw at the beginning of the powerpoint presentation. If you can, try to upload an image of your alien for your other group members to see. If you can’t upload an image, describe it to your group. Then answer the following questions: 1). Did it conform to the typical alien (big head, antennae, skinny arms and legs) or did it diverge from this typical schema. 2). Why do you think your alien conformed / did not conform to this typical image? In your discussion, draw on at least TWO concepts talked about in your powerpoint presentations, like priming, controlled or automatic processing, or heuristics (other concepts are okay to discuss as well, but you must talk about TWO concepts – you must define them before discussing how they apply)

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