Doctor Money and the Boy with No Penis Questions

Doctor Money and the Boy with no Penis A. The most tragic thing about this story is that David and his brother couldn’t make through in the end. After all the fighting they had both been through, the bad parts of their life took over the good parts and ate away at them until I suppose neither of them found life worth living. What struck me the most was probably that at the end of the documentary, David even asks if it will take them shooting themselves in the head for people to listen, and does exactly that.
It is the most upsetting thing in the documentary, in my eyes. After all of the work the brothers had gone through to make their life as normal as possible, if all gets ruined and they cannot cope any longer. B. I feel most sympathetic to the family in the aspect of the parents having to keep what should have been their son’s life a secret. While I do not agree with the decision of changing baby Bruce’s sex, I cannot imagine how hard the decision would be to make, and then having to keep the truth a secret to a visibly unhappy child.
Keeping a secret for a long period is hard enough, and to have it in the back of your mind that revealing the secret to you child will make them so much happier must have killed them inside. This life has been made so awful because of one decision endorsed by a psychologist. C. Flat out I believe that Dr. Money was so unbelievably wrong that I cannot fathom what caused him to make his decisions.

To singlehandedly destroy two children’s lives, and not have it even phase him has me believe that he was driven crazy by the need to be right. I only wish that he could have realized just what he was doing. If only he knew how wrong he was and just stopped what he was doing before it was too late. Then maybe, the vows could’ve lived a happy life. D. My lesson from this documentary is that every child should try to have a relationship with their parents to where they can tell them anything.
If little Brenda and her brother had the courage to tell their parents what Dr. Money was doing to them, then hopefully, the parents would’ve stopped seeing him. And then tried to fix what was happening. Not feeling like they should tell their parents really sealed away the idea to a normal life for either of them. It was not fair to them and I just wish that the whole situation would have ended differently.

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Doctor Money and the Boy with No Penis Questions
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