E- Business

1. Explain what are the alternative payment systems like Paypal. Provide one example.
2. Analize the differences between traditional travel industry and the new digital platform travel ecosystems (for ex: Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia).
3. Besides the examples given in the chapter, what are some other examples of vertical and horizontal portals in existence today?
4. What are the major differences between virtual storefronts, such as Bluefly, and bricks-and-clicks operations, such as Walmart? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?.
5. Besides news and articles, what other forms of information or content do content providers offer?
6. Compare and contrast virtual merchants and bricks-and-clicks firms. What other type of online retailer is most like the virtual merchant?
7. What is the most common use of real estate websites? What do most consumers do when they go to them?
8. Why are on-demand service companies viewed as being disruptive and controversial?
·  Wordcount:1500 words
·  Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.
·  Font: Arial 12,5 pts. 
·  Group of 2 people
·  Text alignment: Justified. 
·  The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.
·  Expected structure: Table of contents, References & appendix.
·  The format should be a document in the respective Turnitin link.

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