Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare

Part 2 of Scholarly PaperJust a remind, your Assignment #2 of your Scholarly Paper (Chapters 1 & 2) is due Tuesday, November 9, 2021 by 11:55 p.m. EST. Chapter 2 is a literature review which is 3-4 pages. Just a reminder, peer-reviewed articles only.Nature of the ProblemThe nature of the problem is to gain teaching skills in an online or distance learning environment.  Online or distance learning skills are different from traditional classroom classes.  In order to facilitate a successful class, interaction between student and instructor and student and student is imperative.  The average student has (a) families, (b) jobs, and (c) social commitments requiring flexibility to attend colleges or universities. East Carolina University (ECU) reports its average student age is 36 with 68% women and 86% having a family of two or more (Whitehurst & Willis, 2009). In order to meet the changing learning needs of the students, additional training is necessary for professors and instructors to learn skills imperative in providing active interaction classes in a different venue than the traditional classroom setting.Purpose of the PaperThe purpose of the paper is to learn valuable skills in teaching an online or distance learning class.  Distance or online learning medium requires (a) discussion forums, (b) assignments, and (c) required reading material to be categorized into Moodle for the students to access and participate.  Currently, most professors have experience in traditional one on one classroom setting but limited experience in distance learning. Distance learning requires                                                                                                                                                           3interaction between instructor as well as other students.  In order for colleges and universities to meet the growing student needs and technological changes, additional focus and skills are necessary.  Distance or online learning skills in Moodle will provide Imaging Science Department advancement in providing these classes.Chapter 2Review of Literature This section is a 3-4 pages review of all your articles.  Minimum of 4 peer-reviewed articles.  You need to summarize the information and present in this section. Be sure to add in-text citations if providing statistical information. Do not discuss each article individually.  This section is a composite of your entire research.Chapter 3Results (Strengths & Weaknesses of each article.   Chapter 3 (Strengths & Weaknesses) and Chapter 4 (Conclusion/Recommendation) should be 3-4 pages.  Chapter 4Conclusion  After you summarize your research, you are able to add your personal comments to this section and any recommendations you may have.                                                                                                                                                        4ReferencesList alphabetical by author’s last name or organization.Websites are not underlined and in blue.  Word automatically defaults to these and you will need to review/change before submission of paper.Only double space between paragraphs.  You may only have 1 reference at this point which is okay but you need at least one to discuss the nature and purpose of the paper.

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Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare
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