EX19_AC_COMP_GRADER_CAP_AS – Student Loans 1.0

 EX19_AC_COMP_GRADER_CAP_AS – Student Loans 1.0
Project Description:
In this project, you will add fields to a table and set data validation rules. You will also import a text file into a database, design advanced queries, and create a navigation form. Additionally, you will use SQL to modify a record source and create an embedded macro to automate opening a report.
Start Access. Open the file named Exp19_Access_AppCapstone_CompAssessment_Student Loans.accdb. Grader has automatically added your last name to the   beginning of the filename. Save the file to the location where you are   storing your files.
You   will import a text file into the database so that you do not have to create   it from scratch.
  Create a table in the database by importing the downloaded tab-delimited text   file named Loans_Text.txt. Use the   first row of the file as field names, use ClientID as the primary key, and   then name the table Loans_Text.   Accept all other default options. Do not save the import steps.
Create   a new field in the Colleges table after Phone named Website with the Hyperlink data type. Save the table. In Datasheet view, add the   website www.atlantic.edu to the Atlantic Cape Community College record (Record 1). Close the   table.
Create   a new field in the Clients table after CollegeID named StudentPhoto with the Attachment data type. Save the table. In Datasheet view for   Record 1 (Rabiah Hussein), add the   downloaded picture file named RHussein.jpg   to the StudentPhoto field.
You   will set a rule that will prevent inaccurate data entry in the table.
  Set the validation rule on the ExpectedGraduation field to accept the values 2021 or 2022 or 2023 (in that order) only. Set the   validation text to read Please enter 2021,   2022, or 2023. (include the period).
Make   ClientID a lookup field in the   Clients table. Set the lookup to get values from the ClientID field in the Loans_Text   table. Accept all other defaults and save the table. In Datasheet view,   click in any ClientID cell, and click the arrow to view the options. Close the   table.
You   will copy a query and use it as the basis for a new query.
  Create a copy of the 2022 Graduates   query. Save the query as Missing Phone.
Set   the criteria in the Phone field to find null values. Delete the criteria of 2022 from the ExpectedGraduation   field. Run the query (two records will display). Save and close the query.
Create   a new query using Design view. From the Clients table, add the ZIP field. Change the query type to Update and set the criteria to update   zip codes of 07003   to 07003-9999. Run the query (two records will   update). Save the query as Zip Code_Update   and close the query. Use the Find command to view the updates in the Clients   table and close the table.
Create   a new query using Design view. From the Clients table, add the FirstName, then LastName fields. From the Loans_Text table, add LoanAmount. Save the query as Large Loans_Make Table.
You   will modify the query so that when run, a new table is created in the   database.
  Change the query type to Make Table   and set the criteria to loan amounts that are greater than 25000. Run the query (fours records will be   added). Set the new table name to Large Loans.   Save and close the query. View the changes in the Large Loans table and close the table.
Create   a copy of the 2022 Graduates   query. Save the query as Graduates_Parameter.
You   will modify the query to prompt the user for input.
  Set the criteria in the ExpectedGraduation field to display the prompt as Enter the graduation year: and run the query. In the prompt,   enter 2022 and click OK to view the results (16 records). Save and close the query.
Create   a Navigation form based on the Vertical Tabs, Left template. Drag and drop   the Client Information form onto   the first tab of the form. Drop the Clients   Report by Year onto the second tab. View the form in Form view, click   each of the tabs, and then save the form as Navigator.   Close the form.
You will use an SQL statement to   display specific records in a report.
  Open the Clients Report by Year report   in Design view. Modify the record source of the report using an SQL statement   to select only client records with an ExpectedGraduation   of 2022. (Hint:   copy and modify the existing SQL code). Print Preview the report (sixteen   records will display). Save and close the report.
You   will add a button to a form that will open a report when clicked.
  Open the Client Information form   in Design view, and click to add a command button at the intersection of the   6-inch mark on the horizontal ruler and the 3-inch mark on the vertical ruler.
Set   the command button to open the report named Clients Report by Year. Use the default picture as the button.   Set the name and the caption properties of the button to Open Client Report. Save the form. View the form in Form   view, scroll down if necessary, and click the command button.
Close   all database objects. Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the   database as directed.

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