Human Computer User and Usability

A wireframe is a visual guide to the layout of a site, focusing only on structure, not on the site’s look and feel.For example, the above image is a wireframe for a website found online. Notice that it does not include the images, and the font choice is deliberately random, to indicate that it’s just placeholder text.That’s so that viewers will understand that they’re supposed to focus on the “framework” of the site — where the different components of the site are located relative to each other — rather than the details of the various elements.Using the previous site you evaluated last week (Amazon, Target, Expedia, or Walmart), you are to create three Wireframes with your group. Specifically, you are to create a new 

Text-Based Detail Oriented Page
Visualization/Product-Oriented Page

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Human Computer User and Usability
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Remember to include all items such as header, footer, search, and repeatable navigational items/queues as I do look for these for consistency and compliance. To draw your wireframes, you can use Axure, Photoshop, Visio, PowerPoint etc. Make sure though it is converted into a PDF for readability when being submitted.


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