Articles are written to inform, misinform, influence, or misdirect, among other reasons. Sometimes they serve as nothing more than a vehicle for an author to achieve fame, notoriety, and wealth. You should never take at face value the elements of any article you read, but you should be able to:

Differentiate between fact and opinion
Recognize and evaluate author bias and rhetoric
Determine cause-and-effect relationships
Determine accuracy and completeness of the information presented
Recognize logical fallacies and faulty reasoning
Compare and contrast information and points of view
Develop inferential skills
Make judgments and draw logical conclusions
When writing an article critique, you will need to summarize, evaluate, and offer critical comments on the ideas and information that the author(s) presents in the article.
 What is the issue that the article is specifically addressing? Is this a significant problem or issue related to the concepts and theory in this course? Why or why not? What references did the author use in this article? Did the article contain research? What data was used? What instruments, if any, were used to collect data? What were some of the conclusions, if any, to the research in this article? Was the article reliable and valid? Explain. Was this article well written? Thoughtful and reflective? What were the limitations in this article? Any variables? Any other thoughts, comments?

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