Identifying Social Policies or Programs to Address Social Problem

Writing assignment 2: Identifying Social Policies or Programs to Address Social Problem 


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Identifying Social Policies or Programs to Address Social Problem
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In this writing assignment you will pick a social policy or social program that addresses the social problem you outlined in writing assignment one(it is ok if you want to pick a new social problem to analyze).  Remember concepts we’ve covered like: intersectionality, white supremacy, colonialism, slavery, and how these ideologies are still in society. How do these concepts impact the policy or program solutions for the social problem you’re discussing? Also, it is probably most helpful to do three things: 1)use my feedback to edit your first paper, 2)narrow down your social problem as much as you can, and 3)use the headings to structure your paper. If you would like any support on your paper or are having difficulty please email me Social policy is defined as: a collective response to a social problem.   Social program  is defined as: products of social policies. Example: (Social Problem: improve immigration, Social Policy: Protect DACA, Social Program: provide financial aid for college/university DACA-recipients.  


What is a current social policy/or program that addresses the social problem? Discuss and provide references. 

 Example: if my paper is about improving immigration.  A social policy and social program that I could discuss for this section to address the social problem of improving immigration are: social policy: protecting DACA. A social welfare program that attempts to address this social problem, is providing financial aid to undocumented students. 


What are the outcomes of the policy: What does the policy/program do? Include its strengths & weaknesses. Every social policy and social program has strengths and weaknesses. 

Example: Using my example of improving immigration I could say that the strengths of DACA are: providing protection for about 690,000 people. Young people who are not American but lived here in the U.S. for years receive the opportunity in form of a work permit as well as go to school. Weaknesses I might identify is: Although DACA helps about 690,000 young people, DACA does not help the almost 2.7 million undocumented immigrants. The 2.7 million undocumented immigrants include parents, elders, etc and there is not a pathway to citizenship for them. These 2.7 million undocumented immigrants have to continue to live in the shadows & fear deportation. 


Describe the history of the policy: Who created this policy? When was this policy formed? How has this policy changed since it was made? 

Example: DACA is an executive order issued by President Obama on June 15 2012, which gives the authority to the Department of Homeland Security to grant deferred action to certain individuals who came to the United States as children for a period of two years, subject to renewal. In November 2014, President Obama announced his intention to expand DACA to cover additional undocumented immigrants. Multiple states immediately sued to prevent the expansion which was ultimately blocked by an evenly divided Supreme Court. Under President Trump the United States Department of Homeland Security rescinded the expansion on June 16, 2017, while continuing to review the existence of the DACA program as a whole. Plans to phase out DACA were announced by the Trump Administration on September 5, 2017; implementation was put on hold for six months to allow Congress time to pass the Dream Act or some other legislative protection for Dreamers. Congress failed to act and the time extension expired on March 5, 2018, but the phase-out of DACA has been put on hold by several courts. 


Should be APA formatted, including reliable, credible sources to cite and reference, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1-2 pages.


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