Intimate partner violence, genders and locations

I have run into many issues. Ultimately I need to use RStudio to complete this project but I am so lost. I used another program but I’ve gotten so hung up that nothing is making sense. I need a miracle. Final papers due FINAL RESEARCH PAPER Each student will independently complete a research paper on a topic of their choosing, but pertaining to the study of criminology or criminal justice. To complete this research paper, students will select their own data set, which must be appropriate to their topic. All students must have their topic and data set approved by the professor no later than 1 February. If a student has trouble selecting a topic or finding appropriate data, the student is encouraged to speak to the professor and ask for guidance. The research paper is intended to be an in-depth description of the identification of a research question, the selection and acquisition of a data set, the data management procedures, all variable transformations or other data cleaning steps taken, the analytic strategy, results, and conclusions. The paper should begin with a brief introduction and literature review of roughly 2-4 pages. The total paper should be between 15-20 pages, including all tables, graphs, charts or other graphs, but not including references. Thus, the bulk of the paper should be devoted to the analytic procedures involved. A minimum of 20 unique sources are required, which should be drawn from the academic literature (i.e. peer-reviewed journals and books). These 20 sources must be in addition any of 1 the readings assigned for this course, although you are welcome to use those. If you are unsure of whether a source qualifies as coming from the academic literature, you are welcome to ask me. All sources must be properly cited using a standard format (e.g. APA, ASA, MLA). In-text citations should be used. All sources in the reference list should appear in the in-text citations, and all in-text citations should appear in the reference list. Each student is required to submit at least one early draft of the paper for review by the professor.

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Intimate partner violence, genders and locations
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