pe:  Live ChatUnit:  InvestingDue Date:  Wed,11/17/21Grading Type:  NumericPoints Possible:  15  (Extra Credit)Points Earned:  15Points Earned 15Deliverable Length:  200–250 wordsView objectives for this assignment
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Assignment Details
Assignment Description
In this class, you have the opportunity to receive credit for attending Live Chats or reviewing the chat archive. This opportunity is available once per week. To receive these points, you can either:

Attend the Live Chat session.
Review the archived chat session and submit a 200-word summary of the content. The archive review summary must meet the expectations described below. 

Summarize the content of the chat. Some ideas for what to include are a description of what information was covered and how you will apply this information to your academic or professional work.
Label the document “Chat Credit” with the date the Live Chat was presented.
A summary must be submitted within 1 week of the Live Chat to be considered for credit.

Your instructor has the discretion to determine whether to award the points. A summary must meet each of these guidelines. Points are awarded on an all-or-nothing basis.
To submit your summary, head to the assignment list and select Unit 3 – Extra Credit Chat Summary.
View the Individual Project Demo for guidance on how to submit your chat summary as an Individual Project via the Virtual Classroom or the CTU Mobile app.


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