LAW 531 Final Exam Guide New /LAW 531 Final Exam Guide New

1. The obligation owed by individuals to one another not to cause any unreasonable harm or any risk of harm is called:
​duty of care
​duty of restoration.
​duty of loyalty.
​duty of restitution.
2. Which of the following best describes the term warranty?
​It refers to the terms in a sales contract stipulating the party that will bear the risk of loss of goods during shipment.
​It is a purchaser’s title to goods obtained by the impersonation of another person.
​It is the seller’s assurance to a buyer that the goods sold meet certain standards of quality.
​It refers to the transfer of possession of stolen property to a person who had bought the property without the knowledge that it has been stolen.
​3. The manifestation of the substance of a contract by two or more individuals is called ____.
​an agreement
​an offer
4. Workers’compensation is defined as the:​
​set of programs mandated by the government to ensure safety in places of work.
​remuneration awarded to employees and their families when the employees are injured on the job.

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LAW 531 Final Exam Guide New /LAW 531 Final Exam Guide New
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