Management 338 ( Target failed in Canada )

The article reviews should contain a minimum of 500 words, excluding cover page/references section, and should follow the most current edition of APA formatting. The article is selected by the instructor and is worth 25 points.
Please submit Article Review 2 to this Dropbox.
Assignment instructions: 
Step 1: View the two videos and read the two articles about Target’s Failure in Canada. (estimated time: 45-60 mins)

Global Toronto: Retail: Why Target Canada Failed  (5 mins)
Failed Projects – Target Canada 8 mins)
Article: Harvard Business Review: Why Target’s Canadian Expansion Failed
Article: The Globe and Mail: How Target botched a $7-billion rollout

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Management 338 ( Target failed in Canada )
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Step 2: Learn about a Pestle Analysis.  PESTLE is a mnemonic:  

Pestle Analysis – What is PESTLE Analysis? A Tool for Business Analysis 

PESTLE is a mnemonic:
P – Political
E – Economic
S – Social
T – Technological
L – Legal
E – Environmental

Utilize the PESTLE Analysis framework (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental) forces to assess the market and business position that Target faced upon entry into Canada.
Then, select at least ONE or more of the six key PESTLE factors to focus on. Prepare a brief case analysis, describing Target’s actions related to that factor or factors.

Submit your paper by the due date.
Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Retail: Why Target Canada FailedRetail: Why Target Canada FailedPreview YouTube video Failed Projects – Target CanadaFailed Projects – Target Canada


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