The title of the film (with the year of release in parentheses)
The category the film is listed under
The film’s country of origin (China, Japan, the USA, etc.)
The country/countries the film is set in
Time period the film takes place (specific dynasty or era, and/or century)

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You must also pick one of the following questions to answer (200 words minimum) for each film. (You don’t have to use the same question for each film.)

How does this film depict a specific event in Asian history or a historical figure? (A war, a historical person or folk hero, a specific era of history, etc.)

How does this film depict a specific aspect of Asian culture? (Examples: a particular cultural norm or attitude, religious practices, fashion, etc.)

How does the film depict one culture’s view of another culture? (Examples: how the Japanese are depicted in Chinese cinema, or how the Chinese are depicted in American culture, etc.)

How does the film depict a conflict between two cultures?


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