National Health Policy versus State Policy Implementation

 National Health Policy versus State Policy Implementation
National Health Policy versus State Policy Implementation
National health policy sets the tone for the nation on how to implement, strategize, and achieve specific health goals. However, states often times have the option to not fully implement certain health policies based on their state needs. Thus, health policy varies in every state and can lead to varying health outcomes. This week, you will learn the national- and state-level impact of a healthcare policy.
Read the following case study from your textbook:

Case 15: The Diethylstilbestrol Story: An Investigation into the Evolving Public Health Policy for Pharmaceutical Products

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National Health Policy versus State Policy Implementation
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Then, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation Web site at Kaiser Family Foundation -Health Policy Research, Analysis, Polling, Facts, Data and Journalism and research health policy at the national and state levels. Narrow down your focus to the geographic region or location you identified in Week 1: Assignment 3. This would be the same area which you plan to work on for your Course Project.
Then, respond to the following:

Using your chosen geographic region or location, select a particular health policy and then discuss its national- and state-level impact on the population.
Consider and discuss how the policy was implemented and if it was effective at achieving the intended outcome.
Discuss the themes and barriers that arose as a result of implementation to the policy.
Provide support/recommendations for how the policy could be improved upon.

Submissions Details:

Write a 3-5-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of scholarly sources. Include an introduction and a conclusion paragraphs. 


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