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Slide 1 – Title Page
Slide 2 + 3 – Introduction – provide a brief description of the case scenario.

Bipolar disorder
Slide 4: 
Slide 5: 
Major depressive disorder
Slide 6: 
Slide 7: 
Outline the diagnostic criteria and symptoms that are present in the case.
Bipolar: diagnostic criteria + symptoms
Slide 8: 
Slide 9: 
Major depressive: symptoms + symptoms
Slide 10: 
Slide 11: 
Describe treatment strategies and interventions for the individual in the case.
Bipolar: treatment strategies + interventions 
Slide 12: 
Slide 13: 
Major depressive: treatment strategies + interventions
Slide 14: 
Slide 15: 

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Slide 16 – Conclusion – 
Slide 17 – Reference Page 


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