NURS3020 Week 3 Quiz Latest/NURS3020 Week 3 Quiz Latest

Question 1 
When performing a respiratory assessment on a patient, the nurse notices a costal angle of approximately 90 degrees. This characteristic is: 
a. Observed in patients with kyphosis.
b. Indicative of pectus excavatum.
c. A normal finding in a healthy adult.
d. An expected finding in a patient with a barrel chest.
Question 2 
When assessing a patient’s lungs, the nurse recalls that the left lung:  
a. Consists of two lobes.
b. Is divided by the horizontal fissure.
c. Primarily consists of an upper lobe on the posterior chest.
d. Is shorter than the right lung because of the underlying stomach.

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NURS3020 Week 3 Quiz Latest/NURS3020 Week 3 Quiz Latest
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