oregon trail and donner party

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pyl60igQy8 (Links to an external site.)
Oregon Trail questions (caution, small amounts of profanity in this video)
How did the “Panic of 1837” help to make people decide to head for Oregon?
Why is South Pass Wyoming important?
Which country was America’s MAIN competitor for the Oregon Country?
How smooth was the first departure, in 1842, of the first large wagon train on the Oregon Trail?
Commercial 12:00 to 13:10
Roughly how many pioneers died on the Oregon Trail?
16:52 death and disaster
Which of these was the biggest killer of pioneers on the Oregon Trail? Indian attack, wagon accidents or disease?
Other than Oregon, what were two other major destinations used by the trail?
What transportation project replaced the Oregon Trail by getting people to the west coast in days rather than months?
Donner Party video (a cautionary tale of how small mistakes can snowball into disaster) 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g6ITFTtHZQ (Links to an external site.)
Donner Party questions
What is the name of the disastrous, unproven shortcut that the Donner Party took south of the Great Salt Lake.
What was James Reed’s punishment for killing John Snyder after their wagons became entangled?
What weather event blocked the Donner Party from making it over the pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and to their destination near Sacramento, California?
What items did members of the Donner Party eat before reluctantly turning to cannibalism?

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