Organizational Psychology – Discussion #6

read the following article (Attached): Person–Environment Fit: A Review of Its Basic Tenets
Please answer the following questions succinctly:
(1) In your own terms, how would you describe P-E fit theory?
(2) After reviewing the different types of “fit,” which one do you find most important for your ideal job? Why?
(3) Fit theory proposes that employees who do not fit in with their job or organization may experience deficiency or excess. What does this mean? Provide an example for each case. 
(4) Given that employees who do not fit in with their workplace environments are often vulnerable to negative consequences affecting their attitudes and behaviors at work, what are some potential recommendations you would suggest for offsetting the negative impact of poor fit? You may consider the type of fit you selected for question 2. Additionally, use findings discussed in the review article to justify your claims. 

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Organizational Psychology – Discussion #6
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