practical connection assignment

Briefly describe how this requested position relates to your program of study and how the experience gained will be directly and clearly used in your dissertation or thesis work. Please be sure to write clearly! (2pages)
future position: Information Security Engineer
job responsibilities as specified below:

Planning,      researching and developing security policies, standards and procedures
Ability to      identify potential threats, and develop mitigation plans to prevent      occurrences
Develops      strategies to respond to and recover from a security breach, then get to      the root cause
Translates      security and compliance requirements into tasks, prioritizes tickets,      removes blockers, develops plans and roadmaps to support development
Conducts routine      penetration testing and ensures such tests are built into the CI/CD      pipeline
Demonstrates an      understanding of how changes may impact software security and data privacy
Delivers formal      documentation (i.e., System Security Plans, Version Description Document,      contracts, application documentation) and translates complex technical      terms for a wide variety of audiences
Committed to      Compliance as Code. The provisioned infrastructure and application      technology components web, application and database servers must pass      automated compliance scans
Operates within      the context of the full software development lifecycle and is an advocate      for bringing a security perspective to business requirements
Takes a      consultative and proactive approach to understanding requirements,      designing effective processes, and identifying opportunities for      improvement

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practical connection assignment
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program of study: Dissertation839
TOPIC Theoretical background: Application of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Institution: 
To facilitate efficient transactions and the safety of the transactions between the customer and the company, Blockchain technology has been developed to fill this gap. This has enabled the development of a better partnership between the partners and the company as it helps in the development of trust from the easy, safe, and convenient mode of transacting (Muneeza, Arshad&Arifin2018). Among the key applications of this technique is the development of trade finance platforms where various banks are utilizing the technology in the development of smart contracts between the participants.
Population to Address: This has worked out positively by ensuring the transactions are very efficient and transparent then also opens up the revenue opportunities across the banking field. This has therefore been utilized to develop strict rules regarding the development of the latest and safest trade finance platforms. This is among the current trends in technology as well as in finance for efficient workmanship and open transaction
 Methodology: Quantitative


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