Professional practices free response

Young, technically oriented hackers argued that, if the owners of a computer system want to keep outsiders out, it is their responsibility to provide better security. Ken Thompson, one of the inventors of UNIX, said, “The act of breaking into a computer system has to have the same social stigma as breaking into a neighbor’s house. It should not matter that the neighbor’s door is unlocked.”46 Which position do you agree with more? Give your reasons.
Read and answer the above question and Give a response.
1. The response will be 
            a.   1 ½ pages in length 
            b.   Single Spaced 
            c.   Times New Roman – Font Size 12  
         a.    Do not write in First Person 
         b.    Do not use first-person pronouns 
         c.    Indent paragraphs 
         d.    Attribute all sources 
         e.    Check Syntax and Spelling 
         f.     All Work must be typewritten 
         g.    Follow Written Assignment Checklist  

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Professional practices free response
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