1 – What is a learner-centered approach?
2 – Who is a good learner?
3 – What are some benefits of being learner-centered?
4 – What is active learning?
5 – What is problem-based learning?
6 – Explain at least 2 principles that can help with being learner-centered.
7 – What are some steps to achieve a post-achievement strategy
8 – What is the difference between creative thinking and critical thinking?
9 – How can creative thinking help someone with their goals?
10- How can critical thinking help someone with their goals?
11 – Of the four aspects of critical thinking, which 2 would be your # 1 and # 2 as far as improving your thought process?
12 – Explain at least 3 things critical thinkers “do”?
13 – Explain at least 3 things critical thinkers “do not do”?
14 – Explain at least 2 common decision-making problems?
15 – Why does college encourage critical thinking?
16 – What was the most important concept or concepts you learned from this class?

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