Real Estate Investment Trusts

 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are designed to deal in equities like improved income properties (apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial parks, and the like). See .

Please identify at least one REIT. Describe the following in a 3 page analysis :

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Real Estate Investment Trusts
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1. The basic format common to all REITs.
2. The holdings of your selected REIT (show sources!)
3. The financial performance of your selected REIT before the real estate crash of 2007 (show sources!)
4. The financial performance of your selected REIT after the real estate crash of 2007 (show sources!)
5. Discuss your opinion regarding the future of REITs as a real estate finance tool.

The answers to these questions should be incorporated into your 3 page analysis. Please do not number each section. Your work should be in proper APA format. Upon completion, upload your work to the Assignments area of the classroom. Please use APA format and source documents.
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