Remember to make the site appealing and place a chatroom

It is important to have the client’s meet the contractors. The chatroom is a good inclusion to the website because it will facilitate interaction and place users in a virtual marketplace that simulates the experience in a real life market with bids and offers. I used to like this site when the buyer could meet the seller without the mediator. I hope you can recreate that in the project I sent last time by adding to the list everyone at all the universities I have uploaded in the website database. But that is only after you have reviewed the list of students on the Capella University student list, My UALR student list, and APUS student list. I will later add Columbia College and Central Texas College student list later after you have reviewed the project attached. See previous question.

One more thing. This is for anyone that has sent a bid, and cannot get through to me. Let me know if you can “hangout” with google. I have sent a message to any applicant and bidder. Check your messages. 

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Remember to make the site appealing and place a chatroom
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