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Naturalistic observation is conducted by observing a person behavior’s in their natural habit (Myers & Hansen, 2012). Deciding when to use naturalistic observation can be depended on what you are attempting to study and whether our not you are prepared for various behaviors that may be observed. This type of study can be useful for study both human and animals. A researcher that is conducting a study on how much information a student retains using different teaching methods could use naturalistic observation. It is important for a researcher conducting naturalistic observation to who they want to study and what behaviors they would like to record (Myers & Hansen, 2012). Naturalistic observation can also be useful for a researcher that would like to study the behavior of athletes during practice and during games. In order to be sure that they are collecting the needed information a researcher needs to be sure that they are clear on the purpose of their study. 
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Reply 2-2 TK
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