Revision Policy

Revision Policy

At Scholar Assignments, we make every effort to ensure our clients enjoy the best quality on all the products they purchase from us. In our quest to keep our clients fully satisfied, we have created a revision policy that guarantees you the chance to request a free. You can request a free revision any time you feel you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the paper delivered to you. We have set up a professional communication channel with an online customer care help service that is available 24/7. With this, you can contact us at any time of the day or night throughout the processing of your order to ensure everything happens to your expectation. 

Our highly qualified academic writers work hard to ensure all our orders are written and delivered on time. During the processing of your order, our writers adhere to the specified assignment instructions to ensure the final product meets your academic standards. If the paper delivered does not meet your assignment requirements, feel free to request a free revision. We offer free unlimited revisions on all our orders as long as your revision request meets our free revision criteria. Your free revision request must meet the following conditions for your paper to be revised free of charge. 

Consistent instructions

Any instructions you provide for your revision should be unambiguous and should not contradict your previous instructions. Our free revision offer is only the completion of missed requirements and improvement of the quality of your essay. Your revision instructions must be consistent with your initial instructions. We might reject your free revision request if you request a free revision yet your initial instructions had already been fulfilled during the writing of your essay. Upon each revision request, our quality control department compares the delivered paper with the customer’s initial instructions and the instructions given for the free revision request. 

If our Quality Assurance Department comes to the decision that your initial instructions have been met, your appeal for a free revision will not be accepted. You will be required to place the order as a new order for editing or proofreading at a smaller price which will be discussed with us. In case your revision request is accepted, your paper will be revised free of charge until full satisfaction. 

Proper revision request

To submit a revision request, click the “Request revision” button on your personal order page before approving your paper. Your revision request will still be approved if it is received within 14 days after approving your paper and thus you should not worry if you identified mistakes after approving your paper. 

We recommend going through your essay before approving it by pressing the “preview” button. If you discover any errors, press the “Request revision” button. If you have any technical problems and cannot see the text material clearly in the preview mode, contact our customer support representative for assistance. 

Pressing the “Request revision” button is the only acceptable way to request a free revision. This should be followed with an email or a message to your personal order page confirming the same. Your revision instructions should be provided in written form. You can send the instructions through our email address, a message on your personal order page, or you can chat with our online agent. The revision instructions should be provided as soon as possible as your paper cannot be sent for revision until revision instructions have been provided.

NB. You can request to have revision assigned to another writer. If this happens, you might be requested to extend your revision deadline by up to 12 hours. This will give time to get a qualified writer to revise your paper while giving the writer enough time to work on your revision. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any requests to make concerning your order’s revision

14 days deadline

A free revision may be requested at any time before an order is approved. Once you have approved your order, you have 14 days to request a free revision. You can send your revision request at any time before approving your paper. Your paper will be approved automatically by our system after 14 days. Once the order has been approved, you have 14 days to request a free revision after which free revision becomes impossible. 

21 days deadline for long orders with a progressive delivery feature

Progressive delivery orders are long orders with a completion deadline of 14 days or more and are longer than 20 pages in length. Most of these long orders have a progressive delivery feature which means they are delivered in parts. Each part is delivered upon completion. Once one has been completed and delivered, the writer will not start working on the next part until the initial part has been approved. After the approval of the initial part, you have 21 days to request a free revision after which free revision becomes impossible. 

NB: Once your order has been delivered to your order page, review it and request a free revision as soon as possible where necessary. This also applies in cases where your order was delivered before the assignment deadline. You do not have to wait for the deadline to pass to request a free revision. The earlier you request a revision the better as the writer will have enough time to revise your paper.

Possible reasons for requesting a revision

You can request a free revision in any of the following cases.

  • If the writer fails to meet your assignment instructions. 
  • If you discover traces of plagiarism on the essay delivered to you.
  • If you discover grammatical or language issues on the paper delivered to you.
  • If the writer fails to use the instructed format when writing your paper.
  • If the writer does not follow order instructions correctly.

How to request a revision

A free revision request will only be accepted if we have failed to follow the original instructions in some way or if there are any discrepancies like grammar errors, conceptual errors, or mismatch in the word count.

  • Click the “Request revision” button.  Once your paper has been delivered to your personal order page, click the review button to open the paper. Carefully go through the paper to see if everything was written to your standard and expectation.  If you identify any errors or mistakes, contact us before pressing on the “approve” button to request a free revision by pressing the “Request revision” button and your essay will be rescheduled for a free revision
  • Always request changes inform of writing. After clicking the “request revision” button, write to us confirming your request on the same. You can send us an email, a message to your personal order page, or you can live chat with our online agents. 
  • You can also request changes through live chat. The first step in requesting a revision is clicking on the “request revision” button on your personal order page. If the button does not appear or you are having any problems, you can contact one of our online representatives who will help and guide you on how to successfully place your order on revision. If you have to provide more details, feel free to discuss them exclusively in the email so that the writer working on your order understands how you want your paper revised. 
  • Enlist required changes on clear parameters. When requesting a revision, you are expected to enlist required changes on clear parameters along with detailed feedback from your instructor. Give as much information as possible. Mention what is wrong with your assignment and specify the changes needed so that the expert can make atonement in the best possible way.

For a complex revision, ensure you provide as many details as possible to help the writer understand how he/she should rewrite or amend the paper. When placing your order on revision, give the writer enough time to revise your paper. You do not have to wait for your order deadline to pass for you to request a revision in a case where your paper is delivered early. Review the paper and request a revision as soon as possible where necessary. 

NB. A legal dispute will not be entertained if the writer has not been given a chance to revise the work at least a minimum of two times. You must first consult us with your revision request before filing a legal dispute against us. If you come forward with a dispute of any kind, then revisions will not be undertaken. 

When will I be requested to pay an extra fee?

In some cases, a free revision will be impossible and you will be requested to make an extra payment for us to revise your paper. The following are the major cases in which you will be requested to make payments for us to revise your paper.

  • When you miss the deadline for a free revision request. If you missed the 21 or 14days deadline period for a free revision, worry not as we can still revise your paper at a small fee. The fee will be agreed up by our Quality Control department after reviewing your revision instructions. Contact us anytime you need help with the revision of your paper and we will start working on it as soon as possible. 
  • If your paper needs major enhancements. Major enhancements might require a lot of time and effort as the writer might be required to rewrite the paper from scratch. In this case, you will be requested to pay an extra fee which will be agreed upon by our Quality Control Department.  Revision fees are different in each case and will be agreed upon after reviewing your revision instructions. 
  • Extra pages to be written. If you request additional pages when placing a revision request, you will be required to pay an extra fee. You are only eligible for a paid revision if you want our writer to rewrite your paper and make it longer by adding more pages. The price will depend on the number of pages that should be added.  You will be sent a new price quote that must be paid for the writer to start working on your paper with the new revision instructions.
  • A different topic/argument to be made. If you place a revision request on a new topic or you want the writer to make a different argument, your revision will be considered as a new job and not as a revision. In this case, you will be required to pay an additional amount in proportion to the efforts that would be made by the writer in addressing the new requirements.
  • Additional sources to be added to the assignment. If you want the writer to rewrite your paper using additional sources that had not been stated in your initial instructions, this will not be considered as a revision but will be considered as a new assignment. In this case, you will be required to pay an extra cost agreed upon by our quality department. The cost will be in proportion to the effort required in conducting new research and rewriting the paper.  
  • In case of a change in your initial instructions. Do you want to alter your initial instructions and your paper has already been delivered? Worry no more as we are here to help. We can rewrite your paper for a fee that will be agreed upon after reviewing your revision instruction. The revision fee is lower than a full assignment fee and will depend on factors such as the revision deadline and the number of changes expected.
  • In case you provided incomplete instructions in your initial request. We can revise your paper at a fee if you never provided complete instructions when placing your order. We will rewrite the paper to include the information in your paper at an extra fee for the extra work. 

The list above is not to be treated as exhaustive as our company will make the decision on whether it is fair to request an additional payment for your revision as the writer must be compensated in cases where your revision instructions are inconsistent with your initial instructions. Free revisions are only offered in cases where the writer was unable to meet your expectations or if the writer missed part of your instructions. We want to make sure every client gets what they ordered. 

NB: Apart from revising papers written by our writers, we also offer paid revision services to customers who need someone to improve or revise their essays. If you have an essay that you are not sure about its quality, contact us and we will help improve the essay for you. We have employed a large team of professional editors who will go through your essay to eliminate any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and ensure your assignment instructions were followed and your requirements were fully met. 

Your responsibility as a client

Once you receive your paper, we encourage you to review it carefully before pressing the “approve” button. In case the work is unsatisfactory, we allow you to request a free revision immediately. Please remember to notify our online agents and attach the relevant instructions you would like to be used in revising your paper. Ensure you include a reasonable deadline for your paper to be submitted after the revision. When setting a revision deadline, ensure you give us enough time as your writer might be busy handling another order. We might request a time extension if the deadline you give is too short or if your writer is not available at the moment.  


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