public cloud computing, Microsoft Azure, Below should be addressed.
2. Introduction to Microsoft Azure and cloud computing
3. Azure Cloud Computing Services
4. Advantages of Azure
5. Compare Azure with other Cloud Providers
6. Scalability and Reliability 
7. Security Integrations
8. Cost-Effectiveness 
9. Azure Architecture
10. Compute and Networking Storage
11. Databases
12. Application Services
13. Deployment Flexibility
14. Challenges within Azure
15. Conclusion

It must be written in APA Edition 6 format.
It should be between 8 pages of the word and a 12 slide PPT with bullet points.
It must contain at least eight works cited (references).
At least three of the works cited should be peer-reviewed articles (not more than 5 years old)
No wiki sources can be used as references in your paper.

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