Salmonella in Caribbean Epidemiological Case Study

Salmonella in Caribbean Epidemiological Case Study:Instruction:Browse through the websites below to learn more about Salmonella: CDC-1.,illness%20lasts%202% E2%80%937%20days.Carefully read the attached case study and answer the questions in the following:1. How is salmonellosis diagnosed? Can salmonellosis be diagnosed based on symptoms alone?If not, what else should be used? (50-75 words)2. To detect outbreaks of salmonellosis and investigate risk factors for infection, whatcharacteristics should a communicable disease surveillance system have? (100-150 words)3. Evaluate the Caribbean communicable disease surveillance system with respect to thedesired goals of outbreak detection and investigation of risk factors for infection. Proposeone change you would make to the surveillance system. Why? (50-75 words)4. As a PHN nurse, discuss at least 3 public health interventions you would use. See theattached “PHN Interventions” sheet first. Then, specifically provide examples of each intervention. For example, if you choose “screening”, you will describe what kind of screening you would do and in what target population. If you choose “collaboration”, you will then describe which collaborators you would work with and which tasks you plan towork with them. If you choose “health teaching”, you will discuss what salmonella prevention measures you will teach to the community. (250-300 words)Expectations:1. Your paper should be between 2-3 pages (double-spaced, with proper citations and correct references).2. You must concisely and critically answer all four questions.

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Salmonella in Caribbean Epidemiological Case Study
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