SE493 week 4 Di

Discussion 4: (Required Posting)
100 Points
Due: Please post your initial discussion No later than  Friday of this week. (80 Points)
Due :Peer/Classmate review/comment: Provide comments to at least 2 class members No later than Saturday or Sunday of this week. Please mention the classmate/s name.(20 points for each post)
Please take a few minutes and check the discussion board on Sunday and make sure to reply to peer comments OR my comments/query.
Please read IGU Grading Rubric  and late participation grading policy for discussion posted under policy section course modules.
Discussion Topic
Pease read chapter 7 textbook and library resources and reputable journals and review PP slides chapter 7 pages 53 to 57 and in your own word discuss your understanding of:
What is an Open Source Software? What is the idea behind open source software?
What are open source issues and why more product companies are using an open source approach to development?
If you are in charge of developing a new software application will you use some open source components in your software application? Discuss and justify your decision.

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SE493 week 4 Di
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