Statistical Analysis Plan


The dean has already collected data on four variables: 1) sex, 2) grade point average (GPA), 3) GRE score, and 4) graduate degree completion frequency. Your job is to develop a proposed analysis to assist the dean to make an informed decision regarding the future use of the GRE.
Discuss the assumptions of each test. No data, calculations, or actual statistical results are required to be presented. Provide information that shows your understanding of the different types of analyses, as well as possible outcomes of the analyses. In addition, you have to include in your discussion the possible conclusions based on the possible results: rejecting the null and not rejecting the null.

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Statistical Analysis Plan
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Corresponding null and alternative hypotheses.
Type of statistical analysis to be employed to determine the significance.
Assumptions of each test.
Explanations of potential outcomes identifying both non-significant and significant relationships as related to both null and alternative hypotheses. Note that no data, calculations, or results are needed.
Recommendations based on non-significant and significant findings.

The four types of research questions are:

A relationship research question involving GPA and GRE scores.
A relationship research question involving sex, GPA, and GRE scores.
An effect research question involving sex and GRE scores.
An effect research question involving sex, GRE score, and degree completion frequency.

Finally, complete your analysis plan with a written discussion of your potential outcomes and recommendations for the dean based on your findings.



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