The expectations other people have gets in the way of pursuing personal well being.

Thesis idea: The expectations other people have gets in the way of pursuing personal well being.

intro : meaning of life. The most difficult thing in life is finding something worth living for…

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The expectations other people have gets in the way of pursuing personal well being.
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BP2 Text Two: Picture

Main idea: This teenager is trapped in expectations of family/culture and is struggling under the burden of it. She wants to be free (feet/jump over the stairwell).

Key pieces: wedding dress, naked feet, caged stairwell, sad face.

How relate to thesis: this teenager is trapped in the expectations of others, unable to pursue her own self interest without hurting herself.

Things to consider: caged like a circus animal, being watched by photographer, how she’s holding her knees (very child like)

Imprisoned ( by others and herself)
An animal in w cage without an escape

BP3 personal: Talk about how you sacrifice your teenage years to take care of siblings
Suggested time: approximately 45 to 60 minutes. WORD COUNT 600-1200 words
Carefully read and consider the texts on pages 1 to 4, and then complete the assignment that follows
Walking Both Sides of an Invisible Border

It is never easy
Walking with an invisible border
Separating my left and right foot
I feel like an illegitimate child
Forsaken by my parents
At least I can claim innocence
Since I did not ask to come
Into this world

Walking on both sides of this
Invisible border
Each and every day
And for the rest of my life
Is like having been
Sentenced to a torture chamber
Without having committed a crime

Understanding the history of humanity
I am not the least surprised
This is happening to me
A non-entity
During this population explosion
In a minuscule world

I did not ask to be born an Inuk
Nor did I ask to be forced
To learn an alien culture
With an alien language
But I lucked out on fate
Which I am unable to do

I have resorted to fancy dancing
In order to survive each day
No wonder I have earned
The dubious reputation of being
The world’s premier choreographer
Of distinctive dance steps
That allow me to avoid
Potential personal paranoia
On both sides of this invisible border

Sometimes this border becomes so wide
That I am unable to take another step
My feet being too far apart
When my crotch begins to tear apart
I am forced to invent
A brand new dance step
The premier choreographer
Saving the day once more
Destiny acted itself out
Deciding for me where I would come from
And what I would become

So I am left to fend for myself
Walking in two different worlds
Trying my best to make sense
Of two opposing cultures
Which are unable to integrate
Lest they swallow one another whole
Each and every day
Is a fighting day
A war of raw nerves
And to show for my efforts
I have a fair share of wins and losses
When will all this end
This senseless battle
Between my left and right foot
When will the invisible border
Cease to be

– Alootook Ipellie

Directly preceding this excerpt, Gregor has crept out of his filthy, dusty room, to listen to his sister, Grete, play the violin. When the three tenants saw him they were horrified, and announced their intention to leave, without paying a cent.

from Chapter Three of THE METAMORPHOSIS

“Dearest parents,” said the sister as she struck the table with her hand as an introduction, “this can go no further. If you perhaps don’t recognize that, I recognize it. I will not pronounce the name of my brother in the presence of this monster, and will say merely this about it we must be rid of it. We have attempted every method humanly possible to serve and tolerate it, and I believe that nobody can blame us in the least.”
“She is a thousand times right,” interjected the father. The mother, who could never manage to catch her breath, had a maniacal look in her eyes as she held her hand up and began to muffle her coughs. The sister hurried to mother and felt her forehead. The father appeared to have been lead to contemplate certain things by the sister’s words; he sat upright, played with his servant’s cap between the plates that the tenants had left on the table from the evening meal, and looked from time to time at the motionless Gregor.

“We must try to get rid of it,” the sister now said exclusively to the father because the mother, in her coughing, heard nothing. “It’s doing both of you in; I can see it coming. If people have to work as hard as we all do, they can’t endure this endless torment at home as well. I can’t do it either.” And she burst into tears that were so strong that they flowed down onto the mother’s face, from which the sister wiped the tears with mechanical motions of her hands.
“Child,” said the father with compassion and obvious sympathy, “what then should we do?”
The sister just shrugged her shoulders as a sign of the helplessness that, in contrast to her former sureness, had seized her while she cried.
“If he understood us,” said the father half-questioningly; the sister, in her tears, shook her hand fiercely to signify that this was unthinkable.
“If he understood us,” repeated the father, who, by shutting his eyes, admitted to the sister’s conviction regarding the impossibility of the matter, “then it might be possible to come to an agreement with him. But as it stands…”
“He must be sent away,” cried the sister; “that is the only way. You just have to try to banish the thought that it’s Gregor. The fact that we have believed this for so long is our true misfortune. How can it really be Gregor? If it were Gregor, he would have long recognized that it isn’t possible for humans to live together with such a beast and would have gone away of his own free will. Then we would have had no brother, but would have lived our lives and honored his memory. But this animal persecutes us, drives away the tenants, and evidently will occupy the entire apartment and let us spend the night in the alleyway. See, father,” she suddenly screamed, “he’s starting again now!” And, with a horror that Gregor couldn’t understand at all, the sister even abandoned the mother, suddenly pushing away from her chair as if she would rather sacrifice the mother than remain in Gregor’s presence, and hurried behind the father, who, only worked up because of her behavior, also stood up and half-raised his arms as if to protect the sister.
But Gregor hadn’t any ideas or intentions of causing anxiety for anyone, let alone his sister. He had just started to turn himself around so that he could wander back into his room, and this actually looked quite strange, as he, in his wounded condition, had to facilitate his difficult rotation by raising and then dropping his head many times on the floor. He stopped and looked around. His good intentions seemed to have been recognized; the horror had only been temporary. Now they all silently and sorrowfully looked at him. The mother, with her legs crossed and stretched out in front of her, sat in her chair, with her eyes almost shut from exhaustion; the father and the sister sat near one another, with the sister having laid her hand around the father’s neck.
“Now, maybe I’ll be allowed to turn myself around,” thought Gregor as he began his work once more. He couldn’t suppress his wheezing at the effort and had to rest now and then.

In addition, nobody was urging him onwards; it was all left up to him. When he had finished turning around, he immediately began to traipse directly back. He was amazed at the great distance separating him from his room, and he could hardly comprehend how he, in his weakness and almost without noticeable effort, had traced the same path only a short time ago. Concentrating the whole time on crawling quickly, he hardly paid attention to the fact that no word, no cry from his family disrupted him.

He first turned his head when he was already in the door, although he didn’t turn it fully because he felt his neck getting stiff; at any rate, he saw that even now nothing behind him had changed, except that the sister was standing up. He last glanced fleetingly at the mother, who was now completely asleep. He was hardly inside his room when the door was swiftly shut, bolted, and locked. Gregor was so startled at the sudden noise behind him that his little legs buckled. It was the sister who had hurried like that. She already stood upright and had then waited, quickly springing forward (Gregor hadn’t even heard her coming), calling out “Finally!” to the parents while she turned the key in the lock.
“And now?” Gregor asked himself as he looked around in the darkness. He soon made the discovery that he could no longer even budge. He wasn’t too amazed at this; it actually seemed unnatural to him that, until now, he could actually get around with these thin little legs. Moreover, he felt relatively comfortable. It was true that his whole body hurt, but it seemed to him as if the pains gradually grew slighter and slighter and that they would eventually go away completely. He now hardly felt the rotten apple in his back and the inflammation around it, which was now covered in soft dust. He remembered his family with affection and love. His opinion of it all, which was that he had to disappear, was even more resolute than his sister’s, if such a thing were possible. He stayed in this state of vapid and peaceful contemplation until the clock tower struck the third hour of the morning. He lived to see the beginning of the general illumination outside the window. Then, apart from his will, his head sank down completely, and his last breath streamed weakly out of his nostrils.

-Franz Kafka

Hasnija Abdul Moumen, age 19, Brooklyn, NY
From the series: It’s Complicated: The American Teenager

Robin Bowman

Suggested time: approximately 45 to 60 minutes. WORD COUNT 600-1200 words
You have been provided with three texts on pages 1 to 4. The poem “Walking Both Sides of an Invisible Border,” was written by Inuit poet, Alootook Ipellie. Throughout his youth, Ipellie moved all around the country to live with family members and in foster homes. Despite his incredible talent, he was discouraged from pursuing artistic studies in high school. In the excerpt from The Metamorphosis, Gregor resigns himself to his family’s will. Robin Bowman’s photo, Hasnija Abdul Moumen, age 19, Brooklyn, NY, places the subject purposefully, as seen through the camera’s lense.

The Assignment
What do the texts suggest to you about an individual’s ability to pursue personal well-being? Support your idea(s) with reference to The Metamorphosis, one or more of the other texts presented and to your previous knowledge and/or experience.

In your writing you must
use a prose form
connect The Metamorphosis and one or more of the prompting texts provided in this examination to the topic and to your own ideas and impressions
Personal Response to Texts Assignment
Initial Planning
To which of the provided texts are you responding? What is the connection between the text(s) and your response?

What idea about the prompting text(s) do you intend to explore and how does it address the topic?

State your choice of prose form. Choose from prose forms that you have practiced in English Language Arts 30-1. You may respond using a personal, creative, or analytical perspective. Do NOT use a poetic form.








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