Vulnerability Scanning Lab

Understanding the basic tools needed to perform a vulnerability analysis allows a better understanding of the technical capabilities and limitations associated with scanning technologies.
Part 1:
Complete the following:

View the “Vulnerability Scanning Lab” video, located in the Class Resources.
Provide screenshots and information related to vulnerabilities against Kioptrix 3, Nmap -p- -A #, Kioptrix 3 website, Kioptrix 3 website page source, dirb command, Nikto, and OWASP ZAP.

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Vulnerability Scanning Lab
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Part 2:
Write a 250- to 500-word lab report and include a title page, table of contents, overview, and summary. Address the following in the summary:

Evaluate the effectiveness of applications if they were directly related to a financial institution, government entity, or an ecommerce website in terms of cybersecurity in preventing crime and abuse.
Describe potential vulnerabilities with Nmap -p- -A #, Kioptrix 3 website, Kioptrix 3 website source page, Nikto, and OWASP ZAP.
Identify at least two different potential web extensions that could provide information to an attacker and describe why it is dangerous.
Explain a defensive strategy to offset the vulnerability.
APA style is required for the body of this assignment.



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