Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Instructions are copy-pasted from my English instructor.
Week 10 – Assignment C – IG Ch. 5 “Writing an Annotated Bibliography”, “Developing a Supported Argument on a Controversial Issue” and “Student Argument on a Controversial Issue” 
 Read An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing Ch. 5: “Writing an Annotated Bibliography”, “Developing a Supported Argument on a Controversial Issue” and “Student Argument on a Controversial Issue” pgs. 101-115You are not writing an Annotated Bibliography yet (pgs. 101-103) but you will be writing an Annotated Bibliography Sun. Oct. 31st. So mark these pages for then. Also read and annotate A Writer’s Reference MLA-5c student author Anna Orlov’s ess’ay “Online Monitoring,” pgs 435-440 (online pgs 463-368) (Links to an external site.). When you annotate this ess’ay, pay attention to how the student writer uses sources to develop her argument. Answer the following questions:

What is the student author’s thesis statement/major claim? Is it a strong thesis statement? If yes, why? Explain.
How does the student author use sources to develop their argument? How do they introduce sources? Give a few examples and explain.
How does the student author anticipate, introduce, and acknowledge opposing views/counterarguments?  Give one or two examples and explain.
Does the student author have clear topic sentences in their body paragraphs? If yes, why do you think so? Give two or three examples from the sample ess’ay and explain.
What does the student author do well in this ess’ay? Why do you think so? How could they further improve their ess’ay? Give one or two suggestions for revision. 

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Writing an Annotated Bibliography
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Reread or review the following readings to help you:

From Inquiry to Academic Writing Ch 7 “From Summary to Synthesis–Using sources to Build an Argument”, pages 138-153
to Academic Writing” Academic Research” pgs. 89-94
An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing “Academic Research” pgs. 95-99


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