The official course is called “ENI 8011”. I need a complete general business plan for a company manufacturing and selling biodegradable/disposable face masks (Covid-19 preventative facemasks). There is no official rubric for the assignment, only the online with the following information below. 
Within the business plan, I need an Executive Summary • The Opportunity and the Company and its Services/Products • Market Research/Analysis • Economics of the Business • Marketing Plan • Design and Development Plan • Manufacturing and Operations Plan • Management Team • Schedule • Critical Risks, Problems and Assumptions • The Financial Plan • Appendices. I attempted a financial plan but understand numbers are not so great. If you could build on the information that I have in the “intro page” in the file to complete the excel spreadsheet and overall financials, that would be great. 
I’ve included the deck “Start Up Planning”, for more info of what the plan should include, a recording of my business model canvas, and background of my thinking behind the business idea. 

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