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English is a subject that was initially spoken in the early medieval England and is now spoken all over the world. The English language has continued to evolve over the years. It is spoken by over 1 billion individuals across the globe and is instructed in schools since long time. Some of the major genres are Medieval English, Early Modern English, 18TH century English, Victorian English, and Post-Modernist English. 

Over the years, English has become one of the frontier languages and the lingua franca in many areas which include law, science, and navigation. Most courses you learn at the university requires you to be proficient in writing, reading, and speaking the English language. 

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Why Do Students Seek English Assignment Help?

English continues to confound a larger number of students all around the globe, and even the native speakers of the language struggle when it comes to showing their writing ability. The following are some common problems faced by students when it comes to handling English assignments resulting to them opting for online English assignment help services. 

  • Confusing topics.

English assignments include a lot of confusing, difficult, and tricky topics. Most students go through a lot of challenges in the attempt of completing their assignments by themselves. If you are facing this problem, contact us for the best online English assignment help services.  

  • English as a second language.

Students who are not native English speakers are more likely to experience difficulties when working on their English assignments. This can result from lack of confidence in their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. The best solution is to get professional help from trusted experts of the discipline to get their dream grades in their English assignments.    

  • Poor vocabulary.

Some students lack good or strong vocabulary to use in their writing. This might result in them giving up even before they start working on their assignment as they lack confidence in their vocabulary. They thus end up opting for English assignment help services.  

  • Average research aptitude.

Some students face challenges when it comes to researching for relevant content when assigned an essay or any other academic work. Others have troubles putting their thoughts together while a few keep looking for information in the wrong place. Lack of proper research skills is also another thing that has contributed to students looking for assignment help services.   

  • Inadequate time. 

Students are kept busy by part-time jobs, co-curricular activities, other assignments, and social commitments. With all these activities, they hardly get time to finish all their assignments before the deadlines given by their tutors. This pressure has resulted to students applying for assignment help services. 

  • Grammar and sentence structure. 

Sentence formation and grammatical rules are different for every language. First, you have to learn grammatical rules before structuring sentences. Attempt to start with simple topics rather than complex ones to boost your understanding and to make learning easier for you. 

Even if you do not find your reason in the list above, worry not as we can still help. You will never be questioned on the reason why need our help and we will start working on your assignment immediately you share your instructions with us. Contact us right now for world class English assignment help. 

Types Of English Assignments Written By Students.

Throughout the semester, students are requested to write different forms of assignments for their English course. While the basic essays and homework are there, a student in the advanced level of the English program often needs to solve the following tasks. 

  • Literary analysis essay writing.

In a literary analysis essay, you are required to examine, and evaluate a work of literature or a given aspect of a particular piece. Free feel to contact us at Scholar Assignments for assistance any time you find yourself struggling to write such an English assignment. 

  • Analytical essay writing.

In an analytical essay, you are expected to provide a substantive analysis of the given topic. Such assignments can be written about art, historical events, current events, literary works, philosophy, and many more. Contact us immediately if you need help with this type of English assignment for the best results. 

  • Book analysis

A book analysis is almost similar to a literary analysis. However, a book analysis must be about a particular book. We have employed a large number of experts who have skills and knowledge in handling this type of English assignment and thus you should contact us if you need help. 

  • Articles on different topics

Writing an article may not be as easy as it sounds. You are expected to present authentic facts or the news of the day with the use of a narrative technique. You should not worry if you are unable to work on your article as we can help with the help of our professional article writers.

  • Prosody help.

Prosody is the study of all the elements of a language that contributes towards acoustic and rhythmic effects. It is mostly used in poetry. However, it can also be used in prose. We here and ready to help if you need help with this type of English assignment. Contact us and we will solve everything for you.

  • Context analysis.

Context analysis allows an individual to analyze the different contextual perspectives, such as writer, audience, issue or topic, and language style. You are expected to read the piece of text carefully to understand the context before making the analysis. Feel free to contact us if you need help with this type of writing. 

  • Bibliography.

A bibliography is a list of books and other sources of information such as journals that were referred to while preparing a scholarly work. In case you have used external references while preparing an English assignment, the sources of those references must be cited in the form of a bibliography. 

  • Literature review.

A literature review is a survey of scholarly sources on a specific topic. It offers an overview of the current knowledge, which allows the writer to identify the relevant theories, methods, as well as the gaps in the existing research. Contact us if you need help with literature review as our professional writers can help.  

Factors That Helped Spread The Use Of English Around The World

Although English is not the first language in most countries, it is still considered as one of the official languages in almost all countries in the world. The following are some of the factors that have led to the spread of the English language across the globe. 

  • The geopolitical dominance of the British Empire through the 18th and 19th century.
  • English is the dominant language in more than 60 nations.
  • It is the preferred language for international business.
  • It is the first language of the US which is the current superpower.
  • Large part of the internet has been written in English. 
  • Widely used in the World of Entertainment. 

How Do We Perfect Your Assignments?

Crafting a perfect assignment requires a lot of time and skills. We have employed a large team that works tirelessly to ensure each client get what they order. The following are the crucial keys that ensure you get the best results any time you order with us. 

  • Researcher. The ones with a world of knowledge.

Our researches read through books, journals, articles, and other scholarly materials to get the most relevant and useful information that answers your assignment questions. Whether online or offline, the researchers are adept at carrying out in-depth background study that forms the background of your assignment. 

  • Writers. The ones who have a way with words.

The writers are responsible for putting ideas into words. They read and understand your assignment specifications and requirements before they can start working on it. They have great writing skills with unmatched style and tone which ensures they deliver a paper that fully meets your expectations thus earning you the best grades.

  • Proofreader. The ones with an eye for detail. 

To ensure that only perfect papers are delivered, all our papers are passed to a group of editors and proofreaders. The weed out all types of errors and polish your paper to ensure it meets the high educational standards of your college or university to earn you the best grades in your class. 

Why Are We The Best For Online English Assignment Help?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will do everything in our power to ensure all our clients are fully satisfied with the quality of services we deliver to them. The following are some of the features enjoyed by our clients that have contributed to our high customer satisfaction rate. 

  • Attractive rates.

We understand that most of our clients are students. Having gone through the student life, we all had trouble making ends meet and had to take up part-time jobs to manage our finances. Thus, we understand the student life and have kept our prices at a student-friendly range that any student can afford. Enjoy high quality services at the most affordable prices. 

  • Knowledgeable experts.

Our writers have a lot of skills and experience which ensures they deliver the best English assignments on any topic. Their skills and expertise are tested before they are allowed to join our team to ensure only the best and most qualified writers work with us. 

  • Exceptional quality.

Are you worried that you might end up getting a lower grade due poor sentence construction, grammar errors, or poor quality of your content? Worry not as with our professional English assignment help, you can enjoy high quality services hassle free. Our high quality essays will earn you the best grades in your class. 

  • Timely deliveries.

At Scholar Assignments, we always deliver all our papers on time. We understand that delivering assignments past deadline can affect your grades negatively and we would never want this to happen to any of our customers. Thus, we will always ensure that your paper is ready before the deadline so you do not have to fret about missing deadlines. With our help, you do not have to worry about meeting deadline as your assignment will be ready on or before your assignment deadline.  

  • Privacy is guaranteed.

Any time you work with us, your personal data will always be safe with us. We ensure that all the personal data and information you share with us are kept private and never shared with us. No one will ever know that you are working with us. We have also implemented a safe payment system where payment is safe and stress free. You can always trust our payment system as it is completely secure.  

  • 24/7 Live customer support.

We have a 24/7 live customer support and thus you should not hesitate to contact us if you have a question at any time of the day or night. Our team of professional customer support executives are available and ready to resolve all your assignment or study-related problems in the shortest time possible. Live chat our online team to get a reply in seconds. 

  • Free unlimited revisions.

If it happens that you are not fully satisfied with the quality of content delivered to you, feel free to request a free revision. We offer free unlimited revisions on all our orders. Since customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we will revise your paper free of charge until you are fully satisfied. 

  • Authentic content.

We never at any point compromise with the quality of your content. With us, plagiarism cannot be found in your English assignment as all the papers we deliver are 100% plagiarism free. Our up-to-date plagiarism detector software aids us in identifying and altering all unoriginal portions in your assignment. This ensures that all the papers delivered to our customers are 100% original. 

How To Write An English Assignment

Writing an English assignment is not easy and can be difficult and annoying at times. Most students who face such difficulties lack the appropriate information necessary to write an assignment. Other factors such as poor writing skills, insufficient time, ignorance of the university guidelines, weak grammar, shortage of research resources, and lack of interest in the subject are some of the factors restricting a student from grafting their English assignment and delivering the assignment before the deadline. If you are facing these challenges, the following are essential steps that will help you draft a high quality English assignment.   

  • Comprehend the topic.

If you get the opportunity of choosing a topic of choice, make sure you select one that interests you. Selecting your favorite topic will generate your interest in drafting a more descriptive and informative English assignment. 

  • Check out and search for your topic well.

Once you have comprehended and settled on your topic, the next step is to perform a research on your topic of choice. Read as much as possible and research well on the internet and from other accessible sources. This will give you a lot of information and knowledge about your topic that can be used in processing your document. 

  • Gather meaningful information

When doing your research, ensure you collect all your data from credible and trustworthy as using unauthorized information can make your assignment unreliable. Make sure the information you use is reliable whether it is collected from the internet or your English coursework books. You can as well check texts in the library or other reliable sources.   

  • Know grammar rules.

Grammar rules make the most significant part of English assignment writing. You must have an extensive knowledge of grammar rules to write a perfect English assignment that is free from grammar errors.  

  • Understand the structure.

Structure plays a vital role in writing your homework. Structuring your assignment your assignment in the best way possible is a very important part of drafting an English assignment. This will make your assignment precise and give it an effect of professionalism. If you are not sure on how you should structure your assignment, feel free to take help from our professional writers. 

  • Compose your introduction.

One of the most important rule of assignment or composition writing is that your introduction should always be short, simple, and interesting. Try to keep word count in your introduction as minimal as possible. Furthermore, your introduction should be very specific and catchy ensuring it clearly informs the reader about the objective of your assignment.  

  • Always stay on the topic.

Always stick to your topic of study. Never deviate from your original topic to avoid confusing your readers with information that does not match your topic. 

  • Draft your assignment.

Gather all the information necessary and try to follow all connections which can help you to relate all the information you have collected. Ensure you only use the information that is applicable as this will make your assignment more expressive and detailed. This ensure that your assignment is informative and not too long.

  • Time management.

It is important to manage your time according to your overall work. Once you plan your time as per your submission date, you can be sure to have your assignment ready before the deadline. This is because it directs you on what to do at what time to ensure your assignment is ready for submission before your deadline. 

  • Be careful with the language.

When writing your English assignment, please use simple and comprehensible language. Avoid using complicated vocabulary as it makes it hard for the reader to understand what you actually want to convey. Trying making use of informal language in order to avoid complexity and confusion. You can as well use simple words for the sake of clarity. 

  • Remove errors and proofread it well.

Once you are done writing your work, proofread it twice. Proofreading helps you identify errors in your assignment whether grammatical, spelling, or language. It will also help you find missing topics and incomplete information you have drafted in your assignment. Once you have identified any errors and mistakes, edit your assignment to make it error-free. 

  • Seek expert help if necessary.

If you are not sure about the quality of your assignment, you can opt for online assignment writing help to remove the possibilities of submitting a low-quality and boring assignment. You can get the services of a skilled and experienced writer who will ensure they deliver a high quality and error free assignment that matches your assignment instructions. Do not risk submitting an assignment that will likely give you a bad grade when our expert academic writers are here ready to help. 

  • Submit assignment on time. 

Once you get an error-free English assignment, submit it to your institution for grading before the deadline. Submitting your assignment late can affect your grades thus you should always ensure your assignments are ready before the deadline.

Learn To Write Using Formal Style

  • Avoid using contractions like wanna, gonna, gotta, don’t, or won’t.
  • Never use slang words and colloquialisms. Any time you use a new word, always check for its definition. We highly recommend the use of Oxford Dictionary or Merriam-Webster as what you say in colloquial can have a different meaning in writing. 
  • Avoid using the personal pronouns “I” and “me” when writing your research paper or dissertation. You can use “we” instead of using first-person pronouns as you always write your research paper in collaboration with your research supervisor. The use of “we” will make your work sound more academic. 
  • Avoid emotions and subjective opinions when writing your research paper or dissertation. Use facts and statistical data as academic writing is all about proved facts. For instance, instead of using “bad”, you can use “inadequate” or “unsatisfactory” as the word bad has a subjective connotation in this case. 

How Do We Help You Carry Out Your English Assignment?

Scholar Assignments is a leading website in providing English assignment help online. We provide services that can be broken down in the following ways. 

  • English homework help. We will help improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. This enables you to solve your English homework on your own. 
  • English assignment help. Our highly qualified and experience experts can help you in solving English assignments even in a case where you approach us some hours before your deadline. Your assignment can be delivered within 3 hours.  
  • English online tutoring. Our English professionals can teach you on the basics of English grammar and punctuation. They can as well help you improve your reading comprehension and essay writing skills. 
  • English essay writing. In every university, essay are an important component of the English language. It does not matter whether you are writing an essay for admission to an Ivy League college or you are writing it as part of your academics as we can help. We are always here and ready to help no matter what your requirements are. We will always support you with our online English essay writing service. 
  • English tips and tricks. We also include some important tips and guidelines in our service which will help you when working on any English assignment.  

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  • Calculate the price of your order and pay for it with your credit card.
  • When the order is placed, we select a suitable writer to complete it based on your requirements.
  • Stay in contact with the writer and discuss vital details of research.
  • Download a preview of the research paper. Satisfied with the outcome? Press “Approve.”

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