Although students all over the world try to complete all the tasks assigned to them by their lecturers, most of them do not find happiness in it and the tasks cannot be evaded. Unfortunately, even after working hard and completing the tasks, most of them struggle to get good grades. This can result from lack of quality in their work as quality of content matters so much and is more important than quantity. To get your dream grade, you must submit quality that attracts your professor. Such quality can only be achieved by putting a lot of effort and time when working on your work to ensure the essay you submit is high quality and free from punctuation and grammar errors. 

Every written work should be edited and revised to make error free and perfect. Due to a hectic schedule and part time-time jobs, it becomes hard for a student to create an essay, dissertation, research paper, or thesis and revise it multiple times. To get rid of these errors students are nowadays taking help from online proofreading and editing services. At Scholar Assignments we provide the best editing and proofreading services to students and scholars across the globe with the help of our professional editors and proofreaders. Contact us right now for the best editing and proofreading services.  

How It Works

To get our professional editing service, you need to upload your document. After uploading your document, we will match you with a professional editor who majors in your subject. The editor will proofread and edit your essay using track changes and provide in-depth content advice to help you strengthen your essay. You can use the advice they give to guide your final revision. You will receive:

  • A professionally edited, error-free essay. 
  • Advice to help you refine your voice and express your ideas. 
  • Guidance and advice from subject matter experts.
  • Suggestions to help you meet your word count. 
  • Text whose overall quality has been improved.
  • We will make your expressions clearer.
  • We will enhance your language use. 
  • We will make your writing have maximum impact.
  • We will remove errors and inconsistencies in your text. 

Get The Final Polishing On Your Articles And Papers From Our Experts

When it comes to academic success, staying on top of your can is always a challenge. Taking advantage of our professional academic proofreading can help your work reach its potential and increase your chances of publishing in the professional journals in your field. On top of that, our professionals can help you free up time and energy by formatting your citations and references according to the style guide of your choice. 

Our professional academic proofreaders can identify typing errors, repair broken grammar, and fix misspellings. A good proofreading will ensure that your work is reviewed and appraised for its content and not rejected out of hand because of small mistakes. Your final draft is not really “final” until it is proofread. Instead of relying on a colleague for editing and proofreading, you can always get help from our experts who have the skills to handle any document including yours. 

Professional Academic Editors

Our team consists of:

  • Native English speakers.
  • University graduates.
  • Academic writing experts.
  • Professors knowledgeable in various fields of study.

All our professional editors and proofreaders have completed our comprehensive training program. 

Our Editing And Proofreading Services

At Scholar Assignments, our editing and proofreading service is built to help polish and perfect your manuscript with not one two extremely thorough checks for grammar, sentence formation, and content structure. Our native, Ph.D. and internationally certified editors and proofreaders will edit your paper to perfection. With the highest quality guaranteed, you can choose from fastest delivery options to lowest budget plans that suit you. You can as well opt for our premium services for additional guidance from our subject matter experts to get the best grades. We offer the following editing services.

  1. Advanced editing.

This services is reliable and fast. The following are the features of advanced editing service.

  • Complete grammatical correctness. 
  • Accuracy of domain-specific terminology.
  • Consistency in layout format, notations, and references. 

This service is recommended for:

  • Authors who are confident about the structure and content of their papers but need assistance in writing in clear and native English. 
  • Authors who do not need major corrections.

If you have organized content that needs sentence-level editing and a very few revision, this is the best service for you. 

  1. Premium editing.

The services has maximum features and moderate prices. The following are the main features of our premium editing services.

  • Complete grammatical correctness.
  • Accuracy of domain-specific terminology.
  • Consistency in layout format, notations, citations, and references.
  • Systematic structural improvements and seamless content flow. 

We recommend this services to, 

  • Clients aiming to improve the structure and the flow of their content and ensuring clarity and a native tone. 
  • Clients who need multiple changes to ensure they have content that fully matches their instructions.

If you want to work with our experienced editors multiple times to submit content, you should go for our premium editing service.

  1. Scientific editing.

This services is offered by published subject expertise. The following are the main features of this service. 

  • Complete grammatical correctness.
  • Accuracy of domain specific terminology.
  • Consistency in layout format, notations, and references. 
  • Systematic structural improvements and seamless content flow.
  • In-depth technical review by nature peer reviewers.
  • Journal submission readiness check by Managing Editor.

This service is recommended for:

  • Clients looking for a comprehensive scientific critique of their papers by peer reviewers who are professor and post graduates in their field and in-depth language editing.
  • Clients who wants to submit top-ranking high impact papers and want in-depth work done on their papers to ensure high quality. 

If you are working on a complex subject or topic and would like to get an in-depth technical review from our best editors, this is the best service for you.

Structure Check

In addition to our standard proofreading and editing service, we will help improve the structure of your paper. The editor assigned your paper will check it to ensure it is well-organized and all important elements are present. The feedback can be provided in the form of in-text comments and a personalized Structure Check Report. 

  • In-text feedback

The editor will make direct changes on your document as long as the edit does not change the meaning of the text. Such changes include, inserting and merging paragraphs and deleting repeated words. The editor will as well provide in-text feedback about:

  • Whether each chapter in your document supports your main goal.
  • Whether each chapter and section is well organized and focused. 
  • Repetitive and redundant information.
  • The content and weight of titles and headings. 
  • The numeration of figures and tables. 
  • Paragraph structure. 
  • Structure check report

The structure check report is meant to help you easily identify missing elements in each chapter or section and prioritize improvements. Once you have reviewed the report, you should have a clear idea of where your efforts will have the biggest impact. 

Clarity Check

In a clarity check, you editor will ensure the paper you write tells a clear and logic story. The feedback will focus on the presentation of concepts and the logic behind your argumentation. 

What will the editor do?

The editor will:

  • Make sure your file tells a clear and logical story.
  • Ensure that you have clearly presented concepts and ideas. 
  • Comment on the logic behind your argumentation.
  • Highlight contradictions within the text. 

Your editor will provide with feedback using in-text comments and Clarity Check Checklist. 

Clarity Checklists

  • Clarity: Checklist Text Logic

The checklist checks whether:

  • The text has a logical beginning, middle, and end. 
  • The argumentation makes sense. 
  • The information is presented in a logical order. 
  • Whether the information is valid and reliable based on the argumentation. 
  • The text contains any unintentionally contradictory information or arguments. 
  • Any information relevant for further understanding of the text might be missing. 
  • The examples used are relevant. 
  • There is enough information in case the reader does not know everything about the topic. 
  • Clarity: Checklist text clarity.

The checklist checks whether:

  • The subject of the document is clear.
  • The purpose of the document is clear. 
  • The most important question in the document has been answered clearly. 
  • The answer to the most important question is clear.
  • Methods used to arrive to the answer are clear.
  • Terms have been explained in a clear and precise manner.
  • Further important information such as the study limitations and recommendations have been described clearly. 

Layout check

What will your layout expert do?

Your layout expert will:

  • Generate an automatic table of contents.
  • Generate a list of tables and figures.
  • Ensure that paragraph formatting is consistent. 
  • Insert page numbers. 

Any time you upload your document, please indicate how you want us to help or the items you would like us to help you with. 

APA layout check

  • What will your APA layout expert do?

Your APA layout expert will ensure that all elements in your paper are formatted according to the 7th edition APA style guidelines. In this case, we cannot make changes to the content of your paper. 

We doWe don’t
Make margins, line spacing, font, and indentation consistent.
Set your running head and page numbersWrite or shorten your running head.
Generate an automatic table of contents and check your headings for consistency. Adjust your headings so that they accurately reflect the section’s content.
Format your title page.Adjust your title to make sure it is a concise statement of the main topic.
Format your abstract and keywords.Suggest relevant key words.
Format your footnotes.
Make sure your tables are formatted consistently. Reorganize the content within the table or figure or give feedback on clarity. 

You can select the APA editing format. This only includes APA proofreading and editing. You can as well select the layout check and citation editing services.

Citation editing

Our citation editing experts can help improve your reference page and in-text citations. We are perfect when it comes to APA style and numerous other reference styles such as MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. 

  • What will your citation expert do?

Your citation expert will:

  • Improve your reference list’s overall layout.
  • Ensure that your references meet your style guide requirements. 
  • Provide feedback on incomplete reference list entries. 
  • Add missing details to in-text citations based on your reference list.
  • Crosscheck your in-text citations against your reference list to highlight any missing sources. 

After uploading your document, please indicate the number of sources in your reference and inform us on your citation style. We will take care of the rest. 

Our proofreading and editing services cover all sectors.

You can have errors on your document whether you are writing for academics or job. In both cases, you are expected to submit a document with the right structure and no grammar mistakes. At Scholar Assignments, we offer proofreading and editing services in all fields. We can edit any of your assignment or essay to perfection. The following are some of the services we can help with:

  • Dissertation and thesis.

Writing a research paper, thesis, or dissertation is very important for students doing their post-graduate studies as the work requires a lot of time and knowledge. If you experience any problems when working on your project, the best thing is to take online professional academic help. Our professional academic writers will take up the task, work on it to deliver work that fully meets your academic requirements. We also have expert proofreaders and editors who can help eliminate any types of errors on your document to make it perfect.

Enjoy the following benefits from our proofreading and editing service. 

  • Your paper will be arranged according to the required format.
  • The citation of your work will be done in an expert way without any issues. 
  • In case of a dissertation, we will provide annotations to make you understand it.   
  • Assignment writing.

As a student, you get assignments from your professors on a daily basis. These assignments can pile-up which can result in stress and anxiety to the student. We offer assignment help services as well as assignment editing and proofreading service for all subjects. Whichever your case, we can help. Our professional editors keep a check on grammar related issues while the proofreaders eliminate the structural errors. 

Enjoy the following from our expert proofreaders and editors. 

  • Get multiple revisions from our experts.
  • We can eliminate errors on the document you have written. Just share the document with us and explain what we should do.
  • Get error free materials with the help of our experts. 
  • Essay writing service

Writing an academic essay has never been an easy task as you must have creative writing skills, your thought process should be alive, and you must be able to write your point of view on it. Essay writing requires a lot of time and talent. Never submit an essay that you are not sure about its quality. You can get an excellent quality without spending your precious time and effort by our expert essay help services. 

On the other hand, if you written an essay and not sure about the quality, you can seek our professional editing and proofreading services. Our editors will adjust the structure and check the validation of your content. They will also rectify grammar mistakes and punctuation errors. This will ensure you only submit the best content to your institution. 

  • Business writing.

The following are services that come under business writing.

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Resume writing. 
  • Cover letter
  • Business plan
  • College admission.

In case you are facing difficulty in creating a good description for a business meeting or have no time, our services can be of much help. Our professional business writers and editors can create the reports for your meeting in a short time. They can as well help in improving your curriculum vitae, resume, or covers letters to make them more appealing to your potential employer. A good resume or curriculum vitae is more likely to win the heart of your employer while with grammar related errors or punctuation error can lead to slipping of opportunity. Contact us immediately for the best business editing and proofreading service at an affordable rate.

There are more programs which are not in the list that our professional editors and proofreaders can help with. Feel free to contact us at any time for proofreading and editing services. 

Why Are We The Best?

  • On-time delivery. With the help of experts from Scholar Assignments, you will never miss a deadline due to our speedy services. Depending on how long your document is, we can proofread, edit, and deliver your document within an hour. If you need a faster turnaround, simply chat with our online agents and you will get a reply within 30 seconds.   
  • Great pricing. Our pricing is both affordable and transparent. The cost is based on the exact length of your document and subject. You can chat with our online agents to get a quote. With us, be rest assured that you will receive the highest quality editing and proofreading for the best price in the market.
  • Referencing expertise. Our team includes experts in various referencing styles and systems including APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, and IEEE. It does not matter the style you are using as we can help. We can check that your citations and references are correct and inform you in case any information is missing. 
  • Subject matter experts. We have a team of over 500 professional editors with background in a wide range of disciplines. Thus we will always match you with the best editor in your subject. With us, you can be sure to get the best editing and proofreading services in the industry.   
  • Secure and confidential. Whenever you are working with us, you do not have to worry about the security of your document and your personal data. Only the editing manager and the assigned manager will have access to your file which is automatically deleted from our system after 21 days. On the other hand, any personal data you share with us during registration is never shared with a third party. 
  • 24-hour customer support. Our online support team is available around the clock to address any concerns or questions about your order or our services. This means that you will never be in the dark no matter where you are or what time it is. Contact us NOW for editing and proofreading services in any subject.

How to place an order?

Take a few steps to place an order on our site:

  • Fill out the form and state the deadline.
  • Calculate the price of your order and pay for it with your credit card.
  • When the order is placed, we select a suitable writer to complete it based on your requirements.
  • Stay in contact with the writer and discuss vital details of research.
  • Download a preview of the research paper. Satisfied with the outcome? Press “Approve.”

Feel secure when using our service

It's important for every customer to feel safe. Thus, at Scholar Assignments, we take care of your security.

Financial security You can safely pay for your order using secure payment systems.
Personal security Any personal information about our customers is private. No other person can get access to it.
Academic security To deliver no-plagiarism samples, we use a specially-designed software to check every finished paper.
Web security This website is protected from illegal breaks. We constantly update our privacy management.

Get assistance with placing your order. Clarify any questions about our services. Contact our support team. They are available 24\7.

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